1. I adopted a bum

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Loud sirens of firetrucks roared the entire place, rushed footsteps running in panic just to get away from the raging fire coming from the building one block away from where I used to live for three years now.

I was walking cooly to my apartment while drinking my favorite chocolate drink that I usually buy from the convenience store on my way home every fucking afternoon after my normal classes, not totally giving a fuck with how they were running panicky, as if the fire would burn them if they didn't run. Humans are all stupid, I swear to Demon Gods!

"Hey, where you going?" The girl always in a hoodie while sitting at the porch, asked.

"My apartment, where else." I deadpanned and continued my walk.

"Wanna grab some snack in my room?"

"Nah, I'm full." I refused and showed her my drinks. "And no, I'm still going to refused to have some beers with you." I cut her off immediately when I saw her mouth opens when I was about to pass by at her.

"Oh c'mon Lisa, we have been neighbors for three years but we haven't even had one drink." The girl in a hoodie said, her voice laced with disappointment but I don't care.

"And inside those three years, you've been bugging me everyday and I hate it." I said with void of any emotion on my face as I walked passed at her to get to my apartment beside where she's been living.

This girl had been bugging me since IU found this apartment for me, but I have never accepted any invitation from her, same as I have never seen her face under the hoodie, she's either wearing face mask or the hood was covering her whole face. She's weirder than me, I didn't even know what's her name but it's really surprising that she know my name, though I have never spoke with her casually.

"You're really hard to woo, Lisa. What the fuck?" The girl growled and I snapped my head at her but she was already inside her apartment.

"What the hell is wrong with her?" I asked myself before pressing my passcode and shakes my head as I pushed my door open, revealing my dark apartment. I released a lungful sigh before flicking the switch on and another sigh escaped from me when the light illuminated the whole place and my gaze went immediately at the drawing pasted on the wall. "What are those bitches doing up there?" I mumbles under my breath as I pick one of my furry son and walk straight upstairs to my room.

It's been four years since I last saw those bitches and I'm starting to miss them. And it's been four years since I was kicked out from Mt. Olympus after being accused of a crime that I didn't commit.

I was just an ordinary people that belongs to poor society living in Mt. Olympus, living a simple life with my family and friends.

But one day, while the five of us was on our way after having bloody training, we saw an old guy lying on the ground, already lifeless. We didn't saw who killed the old guy but since we got scared, we ran home and pretend that we didn't saw it, until one day, hoplites barged inside our house and they forcefully dragged me at the top of the mountain, even though my parents keep saying that I'm innocent, they still insist bringing me with them.

I got accused that I killed the old guy just because I left my fucking leather sandals for running in panic! What a dumb ways to accused an innocent child!

Some of the Gods decided to beheaded me, some of them said just kicked me out because they were still not sure if I'm the culprit and also my four idiot friends testified that I'm not really the one who killed the bald guy because I was with them that afternoon.

And they came up for choices and asked me if which one I prefer. Beheaded or kick out?

Bitch, who would've choose the first one? Like, who would like to be beheaded for a crime that you didn't even do?! So I choose the second one, they kicked me out like a pest from Mt. Olympus and removed all my powers, as if I had one, bitches didn't even know that I'm not a daughter of deities and I only know combat skills.

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