2: the great hair massacre of 2019

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raymnd renamed the chat The Salon

raymnd: alright comrades i have information to share

while we speak mikey is currently bleaching his hair blonde

gerard did bleach his hair but he used too much so it's now white (he also had to cut it so its short now as well)

billie also bleached his hair

and lastly, one of brendon's parents forced him to get a haircut so now, in his words, he looks like a makeup brush (even though it made him more attractive)

pat: so

so they just massacred their hair with bleach and scissors

raymnd: pretty much

pete.: the great hair massacre of 2019

pat: how did they even have time to do so

raymnd: they became apart of the i cant sleep gang so they decided to do this for whatever reason

franklin: so you're telling me that gerard has

white hair

and its short now

raymnd: yep

frank that sounded highly aggressive do you not like the fact that gerard has white hair now


oh wAIT


franklin: to answer your question, yes ffs now kindly shut up this is not helping


i wanna see

raymnd: gerard sent me a picture would you like to see that

franklin: please

pat: yes

pete.: yes

raymnd sent a photo 

franklin: oh 


pat: oh wow

remind me to bleach my hair at some point blonde would work well for me

pete.: i agree and am onboard 

raymnd: no more bleaching hair this is enough 

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