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     Today is Avia's Thanksgiving Party

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     Today is Avia's Thanksgiving Party. I get up and get dressed in and do my hair like^^^. I do natural makeup, put on my fake glasses, grab my phone and head downstairs. "Annie do you want to go over early? Hayley wants to go so I'm dropping her off but we all have some errands to run so you two will just be there." Caleb says. "What kind of a question is that of course I'm coming!" I say and get in the car.
     At Avia's Hayley goes and plays with Brock and Daxton and Avia and I talk and hangout until everyone else gets here. "We should play spin the bottle." Gavin suggests. "I'm out." I say. "Oh that's right. Ok then truth or dare." Gavin suggests and everyone agrees. "Alright. Same penalty as before. Annie truth or dare." Gavin says. "Dare." I say. "I dare you to kiss Hayden." He says. "Start the timer." I say getting in plank position. The five minutes pass and I go.
After dinner we continue our game and it gets me again. "Avia truth or dare?" I ask. "Dare." She says. "Ok I have to tie Gavin into this one so it's a two way dare. Avia I Dare you to make out with Jackson right now and try to make Gavin mad. Gavin you have to sit and watch without getting mad." I say. "Damn it." Gavin says. "Annie am I going to die after this?" Jackson asks. "He's not allowed to get mad so no." Avia and I say at the same time. Jackson and Avia start making out and Gavin looks so mad. They do that for twenty minutes and then quit. "Gavin looks pissed!" Hayden says and the guys laugh. "Since it's my turn I'll cheer Gavin up. You can have a twenty minute make out session with Brooke right here right now." Avia says and Gavin latches his lips onto Brooke's.
It's nighttime and I'm back home. I change, remove my makeup, and let sleep takeover.

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