Oh, I'm sorry?

McDonald's don't do Mozzarella sticks?

Move to my town 💰💰💰💰💰


He was on my mind so often I began dreaming about him.

It would start in the living room, and both of us would be watching a movie. And we'd start making out, but then my teeth would fall out. Then I woke up.

It was Monday morning, a drastic start. School was mentally and physically exhausting. I was glad that the collar to my white blouse covered the bruise Harry's plump lips gave me. I didn't know whether it was stupid or sinful to feel proud of the mark- because I felt worthy enough to be taken advantage of. But Harry wasn't that type of guy, I'm sure he cared.

I was dreading school today. I didn't want to see Clyde and I didn't want to see Amber. I bet they both planned the while incident that happened on the night of Dinner & Dance. I bet both of them were laughing at me as eight in the night- knowing I was probably waiting in my brand new dress.

I would give anything to not go to school today.

I knelt beside my bed, my hands intertwined as I exhaled sharply and gazed at the ceiling. I haven't prayed in a while. "Dear Father, I'm so sorry for not keeping you in my thoughts recently. Thank you for everything I have- b-but I ask that you keep me safe through these times. I'm so scared of being ruined-"

"Harley!" My mother screamed from the living room. "Your father and I are leaving for work, don't miss the bus!"

I felt my heart race in sickness for no apparent reason, knowing I would have to be face to face with Clyde today. "O-Okay!" I screamed, and went straight back into prayer. "I'm sorry, I have to go- Amen."


I was in the middle of washing my bowl from my breakfast. I stood by the sink tiredly, flicking my ponytail back from the other dishes as I focused on being quick so I could leave swiftly for school. I murmured a short tune as I sweetly sang away my thoughts. Maybe there more ways to get rid of negative thoughts that I haven't explored yet.

I almost screamed at the sudden rough contact of someone's strong hands grasping my waist and forcefully tugging me into them. I could practically hear his snide smirk beside me as I gulped in fright. His fingers tugged at my hair tie, and my hair fell loose.

"Your hair looks so much better when it's down." He whispered slyly.

Just as he was above to let his ample arms snake themselves around my small waist I frantically spun around and pushed at his chest, causing him to stumble back in suspicion and concern as he eyed me like a toy.

"Boundaries." I breathed from my sudden anxiety.

He playfully furrowed his eyebrows, smirked and tilted his head to the side in curiosity. "I won't do boundaries, Harley."

I almost shrieked as he went to take another step forward, but I kept my hands out for space. "You'll have to- because if you don't then... that's just bad. It's disrespectful."

He rolled his eyes along with a sigh as he tiredly scratched his temple. "What part of all this was respectful in the first place?"

I worriedly raised my eyebrows as I stared at him in exhausted dismay. "What does that mean? Of course, it's respectful. Why wouldn't it be?"

He frustratingly ran a hand through his hair and shook his head. "I don't know, Jesus Christ-"

"Harry, stop!"

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