locked in a room-brookx??

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third person pov

brooklyn was sick of it. he couldn't handle seeing rye and andy together.

he knew they were happy. and he wanted them to be.

but it hurt to see the man he was in love with, with another.

(comment if you think it'll be andy or rye i'm curious)

hell he didn't even know brooklyn loved him.

brooklyn lost his chance.

and he hates himself for it.

he locked himself in his room.

crying for hours.

all the boys were worried.

andy and rye were out and they knew it would have to be one of them to break through to him.

so brooklyn stayed alone in his room.

with his thoughts to keep him company.

he was trying everything he could to stop himself from hurting himself.

sobbing as he scribbled on his wrists with pen. and placed temporary tattoos over the areas he wanted to do it.

finally rye and andy got back.

seeing alec, connor, robbie, sonny and harper gathered in the kitchen.

all of them looking worried.

"what's wrong? where's brooklyn?" andy immediately asked.

"upstairs. he locked himself in his room. he's sobbing and h-he won't talk to anyone.." robbie said.

they both sighed and quickly went upstairs.

rye knocked on the door, "baby boy, open up please" he said softly, it not being unusual as him and andy both basically babied brooklyn.

although they were unaware he was a little.

brooklyn being too scared for anyone to find out.

the small boy whimpered from inside the door, scared because he reflexively hurt himself and doesn't want them mad,

"cmon baby boy, open  the door." andy said sternly.

brooklyn just cried more as he unlocked it. looking down at his blood stained wrist.

they quickly came in the room. eyes widening in shock.

brooklyn started panicking more.

"i-i sowwy..." he said in between his sobs.

andy quickly pulled him into his arms.

"i know baby boy, shhh. you're okay," he said softly , holding him close as he looked up at rye, "bandages, now."

rye rushed downstairs, ignoring the questions and grabbed bandages before quickly going back upstairs.

everyone knew what that meant.

he came back in the room, kneeling next to andy who had brooklyn in his lap.

"baby boy can i see your wrist please? can you be a good boy and show me?" rye asked softly.

brooklyn held his wrist out, letting rye bandage it.

"good boy, such a good boy for us"he said.

brooklyn blushes a bit. accidentally putting his thumb in his mouth.

making both andy and rye smile.

they looked at eachother both knowing they have wanted a little for a while and they've wanted brooklyn for a while too.

part two?

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