How Minho Got To The Slammer

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So, it's Alby here. Sorry to tell Ya this, but Minho has been locked in the slammer for one day for being Way To Sassy.
He had just come back from the Maze, and Frypan offered Minho some dinner. It was chicken noodle soup. Minho then said;
"Naw shank. I'm too fabulous for this soup." Then flipped the soup out of his hands.
Frypan tried to give him some potatoes, he then said. "I' sexy for these potatoes."
He then slapped Frypan like a little girl, then skipped away singing "I'm so fa-a-abulous!!"
So we threw him in the slammer for a day because is too sassy and to fabulous. So basically, that's how sassy he is.
See Ya later.

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