"Well...." Ashtcher sighed as he sat next to me. "Before all this....I was happy...I had a life..."

"You? The loner had a life?"

"Ha ha ha very funny," he smirked. "Anyway, I found my life in hollow bastion to be perfect, I had a great family, girlfriend, also soon to be wife.."

"Uhuh? Still haven't answered my question, how do you already know Hades?"

"I'm getting there, don't worry it'll make sense..." he said. "Well the day I was suppose to get married, that's when everything went sour I guess...we were attacked by a weilder named Fiona, my fiancé and I were both wielders...and before I knew it long after all of my family was dead....my sisters....brother...son."

"You had a son?" and at such a young age on top of that....

"Yes..I did." he cleared his throat. "I guess out of despair..sadness and sense of loss I ended up working for Hades...I agreed to give him my soul for something in return."

"Which is?"

"He promised he'd bring them back...and turns out not only did he lie..but Fiona was working for him and he told her to do so just so he could get another wielder...which is why I hate them....and when I realized he lied, I decided to leave and that's where I met my friend Xanya and worked with Phil and Hercules. Why not worked with Hades arch nemesis, it'd be a great way to get back at him."

I placed my hand on his shoulder, "I'm so sorry Ashtcher..." now that knew his story, it all made sense to why he was the way he was. "I understand how you feel but I have to go through with this mission."

"i know....it just still hurts and My wife and were so close, we of course grew up together."

"How sweet a childhood romance..."

"Our mom always said we were like two peas in a pop, when she saw one the other wasn't too far behind.."

What he said threw me off. "Um...our? As in the two of you?"

He then looked confused, "yes OUR mom, my fiancé was also my sister."

My expression slowly changed to confused yet appalled expression, "Um....what?...your joking right?"

"No..I know it's strange but I loved her...she made me happy."

I didn't know what to think or say..so i decided to just nod, because what I wanted to say probably would have upset him....maybe Ashtcher was just delusional...but hey it's whatever I'm just going to keep my thoughts to myself.

Ashtcher then took hold of me and hugged me tightly, "Thank you, Ayame.." I slowly hugged him back. "Even when I was so mean and rude to you, you were still kind and stuck by me, I will return my gratitude to you somehow," he then gave me a light sincere, friendly kiss to the forehead.

"It's no problem Ashtcher," he then pulled away. "Just try not to be so distant...so will you come out of your room now?"

"Sure thing," he then got up. "Oh do me a favor and dont tell anyone about this..."

"Especially Rix right?" I smiled.


"I figured it out when you ran after her the way you did."

"Yeah she gets jealous really easy, but even though she's not in the right place to be..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well she's kinda with someone else I guess..,but he doesnt know...sometimes I don't know if she's just leading me on or is her heart really confused...."

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