Day 1

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Day 1 (1st June 2020) : Personality

⚡I like to think of myself as a confetti box. A silent introvert but once I open up and start sharing a bond, I can be quite a socialite with a happy outlook. Yes, it does take time for me to open up and share my feelings and emotions. I am more of a bottled up person, but once I pour out my emotions to someone I form a deep attachment with them and start to trust that person more than anyone.

⚡I am creative. I like to see the world with creative and artistic eyes. I appreciate the beauty of objects that really catch my attention or that I am fond of.

⚡I am a person with a strong moral compass. I am not a rule breaker but an individual filled with integrity. You may judge me for the next line, but... I rarely bunk classes. Even if I have, it was because my friends convinced me with a logical explanation. It is not the fear of getting caught but I think it doesn't sail smooth with my ethical views. I feel responsible towards my teachers and education, so that's the level of my moral compass.

⚡I have to be organised and neat. You can see the bulletin point format I have used in describing my personality and at the end you will find a page breaker. I can have a messy hairstyle but I cannot have a messy environment or thought. It has to be organised. I feel comfortable when things are systematic and get annoyed when they aren't. I can even spend time in arranging things that need not be of my concern. Eg: Recently I got an assignment of a presentation. My friend who worked on the presentation designed all the elements and words onto the same layer. I spent time, organising and arranging it into different layers and found myself happy after the whole thing was neat.

I have this weird habit of liking things with even numbers. If my story update has an even word count, it gives me a strange sense of confort. Similarly I like the concept of uniformity in my work (not necessarily writing, any work I am assigned with. I sometimes follow an uniform pattern while working with certain things).

The reason I am starting this challenge today is because of the date. It's a new month, dates will coincide and coincidentally June has 30 days. So it goes well with my OCD.

⚡I get passionate for the topics/concepts/things I like. It will be difficult for a person to win an argument or debate against me on those topics.

⚡I am filled with anxiety. Even the smallest of smallest reason is enough for me to become a nervous wreck.

⚡I am emotionally sensitive. So yes, I do get upset easily and I can't bear it if I am the reason behind someone getting irritated or annoyed. 

Once I form a bond with someone, it deepens with time. The other person might not know the depth of my emotion/care/feelings, but I would really care/love them from the bottom of my heart. My family and best friends (both from face to face interactions and online) mean the world to me.


⚡Revealing all these information about me is definitely not easy. To an extent I would say I am kinda embarrassed and worried of the judgements that people may make about me. But still mustering the courage here I am revealing parts of my personality.


So that's it for the personality part. In the upcoming days you will get to know me through various topics and I am looking forward to share this experience with my readers. Will see you all tomorrow with a new update.

Ps. You are free to share your insights with me and who knows we might strike up a conversation.


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