59) "All I Want Is You This Christmas"

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Christmas Special

Listen to: 'All I want is you this Christmas' by our man Justin Bieber while reading! 


"I loved you Justin, as a matter of fact I still do! But I'm leaving! It's over!" You yelled as you slammed the door shut. "I'm glad it is!" He yelled back at you opening the door and slamming it back. "Asshole" You thought to yourself. "Bitch." He thought to himself, before both of you parted your ways, just a week before Christmas. 

- End Of Flashback-

Justin's P.O.V:

It's Christmas today, and I've got no cheer. In fact, I don't even care. I'm so alone, and I have nobody with me. To be honest, I miss Y/n. I'm the one that pushed her away. I'm the one who caused a break in our beautiful relationship. I hurt her so bad, I'm hurting inside. I just want her to be here with me. I want her to hold me, and tell me she loves me. I want to sit by the fire, warming ourselves, while I hold her tight and sing to her, as I kiss her soft lips. But that's all gone. She's not going to come back to me, ever again. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts because of a call from Alfredo. 

Alfredo: Aye Justin, Merry Christmas!

Me: Merry Christmas, Fredo..

Alfredo: Dude, did you lose your mojo? Where's the Christmas cheer?

Me: I've lost alot Fredo. And that's one of them. 

Alfredo: Jesus Justin, is it Y/n?

Me: Yes. It's her. I miss her. I want her here. I can't do this, It hurts man. I don't want anything for Christmas, I only want her.

Alfredo: Bro, you should really go and tell her how you feel. Pick up somethin' for her, and don't let her talk. Just show her how you really love her and care for her. She loves you alot too, man.

Me: Really? Do you think it'll work?

Alfredo: If I was Y/n, I would've forgiven you bro.

Me: Haha, okay. Thank you so much man, Merry Christmas.

Alfredo: Get your lady, bro. Bye!

Me: Bye Fredo!

I quickly changed into some washed jeans, a snowflake shirt, with a red and black colored jacket, and a beanie that Y/n loves me wearing. I quickly grabbed the car keys, and rushed out of the house. As soon as I started the car, I drove to Forever 21 because I wanted to buy a dress for Y/n. It was supposed to be a holiday, but it was just my luck they were open. I rushed into the store, making my way through too many last-minute shoppers. I asked for help, and without much delay I found the most perfect dress in the whole fucking store. I immediately grabbed it, before anybody else did. 

It was such a beautiful red lace dress, that would come only up to her knees. It was half-sleeved, with beautiful patters worked with lace on it. I just can't wait for Y/n, to wear this. I paid the bill, and wrapped it in an attractive wrapper, with a label that said 'To my Princess, Y/n.' which I wrote as fancy as I could with my left hand. I left the store, but before I could get into my car something caught my eye. A Jewellery Store. It was my only chance, so I headed into the store not knowing what to buy. 

I asked for help, and I got someone to assist me. "Sir we have- You're Justin Bieber?" The lady gasped, as she found out who I was. "Ssh. Yes, I'm in kind of a rush so could you please help me?" I asked her, as I smiled at her. "Ofcourse, what are you looking for?" She asked me back. I started "Something for my uh-" "Y/n?" She completed for me. "Yes, please." I said, smiling. "Well, we have something called a Ring Of Promise in our Princess collection that Y/n would love." She said, and I nodded as I followed her into the particular section of the store. 

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