Fairy Tale Pride [CLOSED]

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Welcome to Pride Month, Stormers! Time for a contest to celebrate. The Hurricane Book Club is chock full of LGBTQ people and allies so let's get representing!

Here's your prompt: What's your favourite fairy tale? Got it? Now bend it.
We want you to take a classic tale and give it LGBTQ flavour. There's not enough rep in these tales, so let's make new ones for future generations!
Write a 500-1000 word short story with LGBTQ fairy tale characters. Maybe Ariel falls in love with a princess instead of a prince. Maybe Cinderella is actually Cinder, and the fairy godmother gives him his chance to be the woman he's always been on the inside. Maybe LeFou and Gaston finally get to be together!

 Maybe LeFou and Gaston finally get to be together!

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Star Wars counts too right?

Start Date: June 1st, 2020
End Date: June 25th, 2020, 11:59pm Atlantic Time Zone
Word Count: 500-1000 words
All entries must adhere to the Wattpad Content Guidelines!
Mature entries are allowed, just please stick to the content guidelines.
Upload your story to your profile. Stories in a collection or anthology are okay, as long as you make sure to link to the appropriate chapter. Standalone stories will be added to a dedicated reading list on HurricaneBC!

Comment below with this form:

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The winning entry will receive a shoutout from HurricaneBC and ESHurricane, a fancy sticker, and an eBook! (Book TBA) Your story will also get a feature in the Love Wins Anthology on the lgbtq profile!

Drop any questions below, and happy writing!

Note: This contest is completely user-run and is not affiliated with Wattpad or its staff.

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