Climate Change - Chapter 1.

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                                                                       Climate Change

                                                                 Written by Tara Bargon

Chapter 1

Standing in line waiting for the movies stars to walk down the red carpet was just as boring as I assumed it would be. My friend Rose was jumping around like the crazed teenage fan she was, clutching at my arm and shaking me with her enthusiasm. It was her day. I came to keep her company and mostly just to forget how boring life could be here in Sydney, Australia.

We had been standing in the same place now for so many hours. I had to stop myself checking my watch every fifteen minutes. I was counting down to being able to plant my butt on a chair, heck I would settle for a pile of dirt, so long as my feet were elevated.

I am normally a patient person, happy to be with my best friend no matter what crazy hair brained scheme she had included me in. Perhaps it was the squealing, screaming girls that were gnawing away at my patience. Not to mention we had spent the night here just so we could get a spot closer to the metal railing.

The energy in the air was thrumming, pumping into the hearts of every teenage girl here. They were waiting for the movie stars to give a simple orchestrated wave.

I looked at them pathetically. I was waiting for this to be over so I could go home and relieve my poor feet. Did these girls really think that these movies stars gave two hoots about them? By the posters they held up, I am guessing, yeh they did.

"Oh my God Jess, they will be here any moment. Oh. My. God!" she yelled the last part. I gave a little smile and her eyes narrowed. I guess my lack of enthusiasm was pulling her down a bit.

"My feet are just sore." I told her. Her eyes narrowed with suspicion of my lie and then with a wipe of a hand she let it go.

The crowd cheered and the cameras went by filming the crowd for the nightly news. I could see the head lines now. 'Teenage girls go crazy for local star'. Rose jumped around and waved at the camera.  I ducked behind one of the taller girls in front of me and hid my face. I might be here, but I didn't want the nation to know it.

Before I could think about looking around for a place to sit the crowd went up into a god almighty cheer. It was the type of cheer that made your heart thump a little harder in your chest and your eyes follow the noise.

"They're here!" Rose yelled in my face giving me a mighty hug. She jumped around and I couldn't help but smile with her. Three weeks Rose had talked about this moment. I couldn't help but feel her excitement.

She leant away from me, saw my smile and nodded that she was happy to see it on my face.

The girls behind us wiggled closer and pushed us more into metal fence. Rose barely seemed to notice and kept her eyes focused on the red carpet in front of us.

It was squishy and I was starting to feel a little tight in my chest. I hate closed in spaces. It was another reason I really didn't want to come today. Beside the fact that I felt kinda silly, I hate crowds.

The last push was too much and I turned to yell at the girl behind me. Her face told me she was sorry and her chest seemed to be at my eye level. It made facing her that much more uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry," she said giving me a little frown. "it isn't me that is pushing. I can see over your head easily." She smiled a little at that last bit.

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