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Shawn POV

I pulled up to my home and parked in the driveway. I noticed a car parked on the curb in front of our house, me and my wife's house. I didn't think too much of it though, my wife and I have been married for three years now, she would never do me dirty. I turned off the headlights and heat and got out the car. I went in the back and grabbed my five month old daughter, Destiny. She is precious and looks like her beautiful mother. I put her blanket over her car seat carrier, shielding her from the freezing December air. I hit the car alarm and went up to my front door opening it. I entered the house and warmth blanketed my body.

"Damn it's cold outside. Baby!"

I placed my keys down on the small table near the door and carried my daughter further into the house, going upstairs. I heard faint noises, I couldn't exactly make out what they were. As I got closer to my bedroom the noises became clear. I know her moans from anywhere in the world. I slightly pushed the door that was cracked, open. I stood still for a few seconds as I saw the love of my life, my wife, my soulmate on top of another guy; screaming his name. I turned away and took my daughter into her room and laid her down in her crib. I exited her room and proceeded to mines.

I quietly walked into my bedroom with my fists clenched "who the fuck is Jason"

She stopped and her mouth fell open. She stuttered trying to get some words out "I-I'm s- it's not what it looks like. I love you baby"

I took strides towards our bed we share and snatched her off the guy.

"Who the fuck is this nigga!", I said looking at her.

"I'm sorry", was all she could say. "Jason huh? You call him jay." She nodded and I could no longer contain my anger. I punched the guy in his face. "Nine fucking years Beyoncé! Nine years! Were you thinking about this nigga when you were screaming out jay while I was fucking you!?", I yelled while still punching him.

She cried "I'm sorry Shawn!"

"Fuck you!"

I dragged the guy out of my bed and threw him on the floor. I stomped this nigga and hit him until he started bleeding all over my nice expensive carpet.

Bey:"Shawn stop before you kill him!", she cried.

I looked at her and punched him one last time. "Get your shit and him out of my house"

Bey:"baby no! Don't do this!", she said grabbing onto me.

I looked at her face and saw the sincerity in her eyes and her tears, that could make me change my mind about anything. But not this time, the beautiful and kind Beyoncé Knowles will not persuade my decision this time. "It's over."

Bey:"nooooo! Jay don't do this!", she cried

"In our bed Beyoncé! In our bed!", I said as a tear rolled down my face. "Man watch out", I said yanking my arm from her grip. "Get your shit and get the fuck out."

Bey:"Shawn I'm not leaving, talk to me!"

"Talk to that nigga you was just fucking, leave and take his bleeding ass with you."


"Get the fuck out Beyoncé!", I yelled. I heard my daughters cries from the next room. "See, you causing all this commotion waking up my child. Get out before I throw you out on your ass." She got down on her knees "baby I'll do anything, please let's talk this out." "Now you want to talk it out. I gave you everything! What did I do that you had to go out and fuck some random nigga in our bed!"

Bey:"please Shawn", she said crying

"Anything." She nodded "I'll do anything you want me to baby, just tell me." I ran my tongue over my teeth making a sucking sound and grabbed the waistband of my jeans. I walked closer to her and she looked up at me with pleading eyes. I looked down at her gorgeous face. I love this fucking woman, I don't understand why she would do this. She sat up straight on her knees and grabbed my belt and tried to unzip my jeans.

I grabbed her hands and bent down to her face "nah see, I would never do you like that. I still have respect for your ass after you showed me you don't have any for me. I would never treat you like a trick though you are acting like one. I don't need head to get back at you or forgive you. We are done, so grab your shit, your new man and get the fuck out of here Beyoncé."

I let her hands go and walked out my room to check on my daughter. She must've known something was going on with her mother and I. She might be a baby but they can sense things. She knows when something is wrong with her mother, she's just as much of a daddy's girl as a mommy's girl. I picked her up and walked her into my bedroom. I saw bey getting dressed and throwing things into her suitcase crying. When she heard Destiny still crying she looked up.

Bey:"Oh my god, my baby. Shawn you can't take her away from me"

"You did this Beyoncé"

Bey:"No! No Shawn you can't take my daughter away from me!", she screamed crying.

"It's done." She rushed to me and tried to grab her. "Man move I'm not playing with your ass." She still kept trying to snatch her from my arms and I pushed her back. She dropped to her knees "don't do this to me! I have nothing else!", she cried

I sucked my teeth "five minutes with her." She stood up crying and I handed Destiny to her. She bounced and talked to her and Destiny finally stopped crying. When the five minutes were up I grabbed my baby from her arms.

Bey:"Shawn no, we can fix this"

"You ruined us Bey, this was all you. How long you been fucking this nigga"

Bey:"five months", she mumbled looking down.

I chuckled shaking my head "yo get out forreal." She rushed to me trying to kiss me and take Destiny. Eventually, I got tired of her antics and pushed her away. I zipped up her suitcase and picked it up. "Get that nigga." I walked downstairs and threw her suitcase outside. I closed the door as I waited for the two of them to come down. When they appeared I opened the door and pushed both of their trifling asses out of my house. I locked up my place and took my daughter to her room, ignoring Bey banging on the door. She kept crying and screaming as I tried to calm her down. I placed her in her crib and turned on her music and her mobile to help her go to sleep. After waiting for about thirty minutes and seeing her cry, my baby girl finally cried herself to sleep. I went into my bedroom and stripped the sheets. I sat on the bed, thinking about what my wife just did. A tear rolled down my face and I put my head in my hands. She won't be my wife for much longer.

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