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(Please don't steal my ideas okay. If you do, well I'll see you in hell and we'll get to have a talk)

I'm randomly getting ideas or inspiration and I'm about to end one of my fics anyways so I just wanted to share some possible fics for the future, let me know what y'all think and stuff

Some of these ideas are more fleshed out than others!

I'll have the title, what it basically is, then the description if there is one, then my thoughts


[insert title]

Izuku never meant to become a villain.

But he was bitter. Bitter and angry at the word, and tearful frustration mixed with a wish for revenge never did anyone good.

Running away was a coward's act, but Izuku Midoriya was a coward and nothing else.

And when his paths crossed with ghosts of his past once more, he's left wondering what the hell is he doing, and why does it feel so right.

Izuku never meant to be a villain, but he did want to watch the world burn.

Okay I know cliche but that's exactly why I want to do it, I want to try my hand at a cliche and hopefully change it to something less cliche and nicely done

Also I want to do a BNHA fic and this is the best way for me to change up the canon so easily that I can cover up the fact that I haven't read the manga or watched all of season four—


[insert title]
Naruto's Sister

Naruto has a sister no one had ever seen before. A twin, one that had charmed her way into the hearts of all the boys. They're all determined to win her heart and woo her into loving them.

But that didn't matter, because she was a raging lesbian who couldn't care less.

Another twist on a cliche, but it's unlikely I'll be doing this one. If I do, it'll be fairly short. I might just twist it into a one-shot and upload it to this book, yeah probably.


The Zephyr
Harry Potter?

Adalyn Lewis moved to England, enrolled in Hogwarts, and honestly expected the best of the best. She expected a normal schooling, with the occasional excitement that came from a life as a witch.

No. Instead, she entered Hogwarts only to be utterly appalled at how Dumbledore instructed it. And that moronic Potter stirring up trouble.

She was a girl with ambitions, and it just so happened that her ambition was to become a renowned reporter. And the best way to start out was with a school-wide newspaper, featuring the bullshit Hogwarts got up to.

Rita Skeeter, I'm coming for your ass.

This is a pretty old idea I've had for a while. I don't think I'll actually go through with it, it's just an idea I guess


Now for the less fleshed out, vague ideas:

-Shinso fic about him as a vigilante

-Denki fic about him dropping out of UA and becoming a civilian because he's traumatized and seen too much shit already, and he meets his old classmates once more as they try to convince him to help them

-just so many fuckin BnHA fics oh my god

-girl in hero class B with odd eye quirk discovers that she actually just has the sharingan and tumbles through a portal into Naruto

-inko midoriya becoming a hero

-Kakashi has this secret civilian friend that livrd in a small village out of Konoha, that he's known since he was a little kid. A gardener boy who's fuckin soft and they get married and shaiNaIBEJAKA

-Civilian girl whims got a bone to pick with Sasuke Uchiha. It doesn't matter that he helped save the world, he did so much fuckin damage she just storms over and decks him in the face

-toga and shigaraki but as heroes


That about wraps it up hehhhhhb

I don't know why but I kind of regret making this

Ooh I also had this idea to make a second account and post the really cringy cliche not-well thought out fics so the people who know the real me wont judge or know

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