How you meet

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AN- hi this is the first time I've done anything like this and I've failed English twice so please ignore grammar issues/spelling and enjoy!


- You were on your way to school
- You didn't live to far from karasuno but still had to leave a little early
- But this morning wasn't the case
- As you missed your alarm you rushed outside
- Apparently another first year was late as well
- And boy was he going fast on his bike
- He ran into you so hard
- He flew off his bike and you ran to help him
- You tried not to laugh as the situation was kinda funny
- He apologized but that didn't stop him from running back to his bike and waving as he sped along

- your best friend had just broke up with their boyfriend
- and oh they were upset
- You felt bad seeing them crying at your usual lunch table
- But you remembered that milk was their favorite drink
- So you rushed to the vending machines
- Only to see that the last milk was gone
- You saw a tall boy walking away about to put the straw in
- "Wait!" You yelled
- He turned around and you explained the situation to him
- I mean surly he would be nice and give you his drink
- But he said no
- So you promised to buy his milk for a week
- That made him agree real quick

- You were on your way home from school when you felt someone following you
- You got a little nervous so you decided to make a couple lefts to see if the person really was following you or if it was a coincidence
- But surly enough it wasn't and they were following you
- You sped up and so did they
- And then a hand grabbed yours
- "Hey babe there you are" a teen boy pulled you back
- The person behind you froze and backed away as they saw him hug you
- "Someone is following you" he whispered into your ear
- "Do you want help" he asked again and you nodded
- He walked you home and made sure you felt safe by telling you sweet things
- You asked for his number which surprised him
- But in reality you wanted to get him a gift to say thanks

- you were walking down the hall with a handful of papers
- It was your job to do class duties
- You felt a weight lift off your hands as you looked to your left
- "Here let me help" a boy with grey hair told you
- He made small talk with you until you got to the class
- He helped you set them down
- And to thank him you bought him a vending machine treat
- Which made him blush

- you were new to a area
- And you had a ton of stuff to move in
- You struggled with a box trying to get it up the stairs
- Until a bald kid came and helped
- "Hey these look heavy you shouldn't carry these on your own" he told you
- That night he helped you carry most of your stuff into your family's new apartment

- your grades were failing
- I mean to the point where you might have to retake the year
- You mostly needed help in algebra
- So your teacher gave you a tutor
- He was pretty scary looking but explain the subject very nicely and it was super easy to understand
- You asked if he could help in your other classes and he shyly agreed
- Sometimes during the lesson you can see Him staring at you

- you were the Libero on the another team close by
- During his little break he took from the team he asked you to help
- You kept refusing but then he kept getting annoying so you just agreed to help him
- "Thanks y/n today your upperclassmen will treat you to some ice cream" he says to you after practice

- Your mother was friends with Yamaguchi's mom
- So sometimes you would hang out with yams
- Nothing like best friends tho
- So when you moved to Tokyo he had to come visit
- And of course he brought Tsukishima with him
- You made small talk but nothing big
- Sometimes when you talked to him Yamaguchi made a face like he was left out
- So you'd stop so he didn't get to sad

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