Part 8

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Siah POV

"They said it was Kyle's body"

"What kind of sick joke are these bitches playin" Pooh asks

"Aye somebody go to Kyle's grave now" Gates yells into his phone

"I found something" shooter says

We all look at him waiting for him to start talking

"Nigga spit that shit out" Bully tells him

"Shit my bad, but anyway y'all dad has a twin, kalvin. Apparently he's the one we have in lock up."

"So is Sr alive or not" baby asks

"Yeah Kalvin has a hit out on him"

"Yo this shit really some crazy ass lifetime move" Jayda says

We're all discussing everything and I look over at mama and she's pale

"Yo ma, you good"

"Kalvin is dangerous baby"

"What you know ma" bully asks her

She looks like she's seen a ghost "that man is the devil himself, that's why I didn't understand why y'all said Sr was causing all these problems. Then I remembered Kalvin. He's the one who killed your father sweetie."

"What" bully asks still confused

"Their identical twins baby, the only thing different is Kevin Sr has a heart"

Shooter starts doing more research, he finds out the last known address for Sr is in Mexico.

"I'm going" Pooh says

"No you're not" everyone says together

"Look I can't wait 6 weeks to find out what the hell is going on. Shit in 6 weeks we could all be dead. Kalvin is obviously smarter than we thought. I can't help but feel like this is one big trap"

Before any of us could respond shots rang out. Pooh Jayda and mama grab the kids and get on the ground all the guys start shooting back

It feels like this shit went on for hours. When the shots finally stop we go back in the room and I hand Pooh her bag

"Get dressed ma, we leaving"

1hour later we're headed to get in the jet and go to Mexico

"Baby you need some rest" mama tells Pooh

"Cmon ma, come lay down"

She shakes her head no "I can't let my guard down again I have to protect my babies"

"Pooh were not going to let anything happen to the kids" baby tells her

All of a sudden she starts crying

"What's wrong Pooh" Tae asks

"I'm scared, I've lost my mama, my twin and my sister. I don't wanna lose any of y'all and I damn sure am not losing any of my kids"

She considers Dreka and gates kids hers, she is their God mother and since Dreka passed she's not playing around when it comes to them.

"Pooh you stuck with us for life" bully tells her

She stops crying and I hold her while she's holding baby Kyle with Kai on my other side

Pooh ends up falling asleep and gates puts her in the bed.

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