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Roderick Deion Kaples

" Do I really have to adopt a Kid?" I asked my manager Dee.

"Yes because you already went missing off the internet so if you want this album that you finna release to boom them you gotta adopt a kid"

Walking into the orphanage I walked up this lady that look in her mid 40's. This bitch look like she on drugs.

"Wassup so today I'm coming to adopt a kid we called you early" I told her.

"What age range would you like?" She asked so I looked at Dee

"Umm I would like a teen preferably 16 or 17" She nodded and signaled for me to follow her.

We walked into a run with a lot of girls that had inappropriate clothing on.

"Where Aliyah stupid ass" I heard her whisper to a girl that was eye fucking me.

The girl humped her shoulders. Turning around I noticed a girl running down the stairs with a baby in her hands. She had on old clothes that look as if she got them out the dumpster.

I noticed that she was fall so I quickly ran over to catch her and the baby.

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