You may now kiss the bride,”

The words rung in my ears as I looked down painfully, trying not to shed a tear. I missed my mom everyday, and I knew he did too. I could hear him crying in his sleep almost every dark night, making soft whimpers of pain as well. So why was he getting married again? Why did he have to do this to me, to himself? He wasn’t strong enough yet, I knew he wasn’t, and I had hoped he would realize that eventually, but it was too late now.

I looked up just as Anne and he were pulling away from their kiss, and looked over at the audience that lay before us; everyone had smiles on their faces. Including four of my five idols. How weird. The newly weds grabbed hands and walked swiftly down the long aisle, as everyone clapped and cheered, smiling brightly. For some reason, I never thought they would go through with it. But they had, and now it was my turn to live with the repercussions.

“We should probably go now,” a familiar deep voice said above me. This, by far, would be the hardest thing I’d have to live with. My dad had known how much I had been in love with my idol, Harry Styles. And now, he was my stepbrother. Meaning, I couldn’t be in love anymore.

“Yeah,” I said, not looking up and walking away. He would never understand.

“Hey wait!” Harry called behind me as I kept walking, “Abigail!” I groaned inwardly and turned around, waiting for him to catch up.

“Why do I get the feeling you don’t like me?” Harry asked once he was only inches away from me. He was slowly getting closer and closer, no more than a centimeter away from my face, causing me to breathe heavily and slowly. I stammered for words, mesmerized by his piercing gaze. No, no, no. No. I’m not allowed to be attracted to him anymore, and that’s what was going to make this whole thing so damn hard.

“You do?” I stammered, backing up so we were an appropriate distance.

“I don’t know, you’ve barely talked to me since we’ve met, and whenever I try, it seems like you don’t want to,” He murmured, somewhat quietly.

“I’m just not feeling well, sorry.” I muttered as I walked by quickly. He was making this too hard, and honestly all I wanted to do was just get the wedding party over with and go home, spending the rest of my life in my bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I danced along to the loud eccentric music, swaying my hips with the rhythm. My long blonde curls sashayed down my back, moving along with my body’s movements. I could feel someone’s firm grip on my hips, dancing along with me but I didn’t care, the alcohol had already taken its toll.

“I think you should lay off man!” a voice half-shouted behind me as I danced along with the rest of the crowd.

“Don’t worry bro, it’s all good!” Someone shouted in reply, very close to my ear in fact.

“She’s obviously drunk Niall! She doesn’t know what she’s doing. Just let me have her sit down!” the voice replied, Harry I think? Who were they talking about? And why was Harry getting mad at Niall?

“Just relax mate! Have a little fun, I’m not hurting her am I? So let’s just have a good time!” Niall exclaimed. Oh. Was Niall the one dancing with me? I turned my head slightly and got a flash of blonde hair styled perfectly. That must mean yes.

“Do you realize how much trouble I’ll be in with my mum if I don’t stop this?” I could hear Harry manage to say over the loud music as it played a steady rhythm throughout the whole dance floor.

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