💞 So Cuuuuuuute!!! 💞

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I giggled and picked up my phone texting Nicky as usual.

💞 Nicky 💞

Morning uwu

morning cutieeeee!

Bish!! I'm nOt CuTe >:T

Yesh chu areeee hehe

No I'm NoT yOu ArE!!

>///////////< nO u!!

Ò//∆//Ó nO YoUUuUUUu

No YoU -/////////-

nO YoU!!!
*sends picture of him*
Adorable bean >:3

hHHHHHhH >/////////////<
*sends picture of me*
You are >:(

-//////////- Meanie

Heheh >:)

Baka -3-


No awh bish!! >:(

But you're cute :3

OmFg ShUsH
*yeets pillow at you*
Meanie >:(

*falls* Oh nuuuuu not the pillowwwww!!!

hehehehehheheh YeS The PiLlOw >:)


*yeets more pillows*

I giggled as we continued the stupid roleplay then it turns lovey dovey making me blush and giggle. I cuddled my blanket and yawned relaxing into it because of how comfortable it is. I sighed and imagined him being here. Slowly falling asleep.

Nicky's POV

She didn't text so i just thought she was doing something or sleeping. I giggled and hummed thinking of what we should do when she comes back. I sat up and went downstairs to get some snacks. I grabbed chips, tea, and beef jerky rushing back up. Once I got in bed I hugged my blanket and put on anime waiting for her to get back.

2 hours later

I hummed and decided to check my phone just to check and I saw a text right when I turned on my phone. I clicked on the notification and checked the time it sent seeing it was sent right when i touched it. I smiled and read what she said.

💘💝💖💞 Jazzy 💞💖💝💘

Sowwy I fell asleep QwQ

It's okiiiiii how was your nap :3

It was nice uwu

Wanna play some games? :D

YeSsSssSs Of CoUrSe >w<

I smiled and called her and talked for a while joking around and whining. After a few minutes of talking, we decided to play roblox. We were having fun playing, with me raging a lot or showing off (hehehehhe ùwú) depending on the game. She was her usual quiet, giggly self making fun of me at times. After some hours of playing we got off and watched scary movies and videos. We both got kinda scared so we promised to protect each other which made me blush a bit but smile widely.


I hugged my blanket close paying attention to it shaking a bit. Nicky teased me and I pouted, "Hey! You're scared toooooo!!"

He chuckled, "Well yeah buuuuut-"

A jumpscare suddenly popped up and I squeaked as he screamed and I just started laughing. He blushed and huffed, "Oh shut your mouth.."

I snickered, "No way~"

He rolled his eyes and continued watching as I teased him. After a moment of eerie silence from the movie I soon fell silent watching nervously. After the girl turned the corner,


I screamed and hugged my blanket with my heart racing. I pouted," Meaniiiiiie!!!"

He laughed and hummed, "Revenge~"

I watched with shivers with a small smile.

He's such a dum dum..

I relaxed and closed my eyes falling asleep again.

Nicky's POV

I heard small snored and whines making me confused. I asked quietly, "Jazzy?"

It got quiet and I didn't get an answer. I giggled and watched the movie contently, "Sleepy bean~"

I chuckled knowing I have no place to talk. I streched and slowly relaxed going to sleep as well happily listening to her soft breaths mumbling, "I love you..~"

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