1- lips touching

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"So Annie is in her bed, dinner is all wrapped up in the counter and if you need anything, call me. Got it Ivy?" Mr.Styles explained. He button his suits up and fixes his hair before walking to the door.

"I'll see you at 9, goodbye Ivy."

"Bye," I smile, so he returns one. How can put this? Mr. Styles is one of the most gorgeous man you'll ever lay eyes on. His body is, of course, fit and perfect and so are the dimples of his. Babysitting for him for the past 3 weeks was awesome. Annie doesn't cause must trouble and Mr.styles pays me 100 dollar for a day which is more than enough for me. He only needed a babysitter for, I don't know, 4 days a week. Some of the money goes to my bank account and some goes to my single mother.

Even though I'm only 18, Im very prepared with-well everything. I'm ahead of almost all of my classes which leave me time to look for part-time jobs. And that's where Mr.styles and I met. He, somehow, overheard me on the phone with one of my boss at In N Out, firing me because I came late. So Mr.styles jumped in and asked me if I wanted to babysits for his child. Kinda creepy but now, I find Mr.styles safe to be around with. My mother didn't care much, she never care.

"Ivy?" Annie's soft voice snapped me out of my train on thoughts. She stands there with her teddy bear, arms wrapped tightly around it. The blonde messy hair, covering her left eye and the cute pjs with hearts.

"Yes? My baby girl?" I heeled down to pick her up into the air. "Ya need anything?"

"I can't sleep. Sing me a song," she yawns. "Or a story."

"A story huh?" I carried her to the living room. "Don't you want dinner first?"

She shook her head. "I'm sleepy."

"But you said you couldn't sleep," I laugh. "Are you lying to me?" I took my free hand and pretend to took her nose away. "I'm keeping your nose."

The smile of her face disappears. "Give me my nose back!"

"Umm...." I set her down on the couch, touching my chin to 'think'. "Okay, you got me there." I give her, her nose back and sat next to her.

"Thank you," she whispers and lay on my lap, curled into a ball with her stuffed animal. "I sleeping here."

"Okay, goodnight pumpkin."


"Hey... Ivy..." A voice wakes me up as someone continuously poking my shoulders. I briefly opened my eyes to see the beautiful face of Mr.styles in sitting next to me on the couch where I was laying down openly.

"Sorry...I- I fell asleep..." I stuttered, quickly pull myself up leaning against the back of the couch, fixing my hair and shirt.

"Yes, I can see that," he chuckled, running his big fingers through his brown curly hair. I glance to the clock, 9:30pm.

"Oh shoot! My mom should've picked me up 30 minutes ago," I whined searching the couch for my phone.

"Don't worry. She called me and asked if I can take you home."

"Oh." Of course she would've. She's probably out in the club drinking or what somethin'. I could care less about her to this moment.

"I came home 20 minutes ago and saw you and Annie sleeping together so I carefully brought Annie back to her room," he explained. I nodded, standing up, straightening my saggy jeans and messy hair.

"Can you please take me home, I'm tired," I lied. Being alone with him makes my stomach twist into a deep knot.

"Sure, just let me get your money for today." With that Mr.styles disappeared upstairs. I finally let my breathe go. I held my breathe when Mr.styles's around, why? I should'nt be getting all these weird vibes or- feelings for him. He's 27 and Im just 18, well going to be 19 next month but still. Almost 10 years older than me. But yet, Im attracted to him. His cologne smell, the deep dimples, and the curly long hair of his is breathtaking to me.

"Here's your money," Harry's voice snapped me back into the real world, handing the 100 dollar bill.

"You know, i would be fine with just 30 dollars a night?" I smiled, taking it happily. "But thank you very much."

"Well, Annie adores you, you derserve it, Ivy."

"And you dont adore me?" I joked, but regretting it the next second I open my mouth to ask that stupid question. Please dont answer, just walk away Mr.Styles.

He finally let out a loud chuckle. "I too, adore you very much so."

Im sure my cheeks are turning red as ever. Mr.styles puts on his socks and coat before grabbing his keys and opens the front door for me. Saying my small 'thanks you' i walked out.

"Next stop, Ms.Hope's place ye?" Mr.styles smile.


"There's ya go," Mr.styles said before stopping the car in front of the small house that I live in. "I'll see you next Monday?"

"Yes, 4?"

He nodded, giving me a small smile.

"I guess I'll see you around."

Just as i was about to turn away, Harry shouted "wait!" Making me turn back quickly to see what happened. Giving him a strange look his cheeks turns into a slight shade of pink.

"What happened?" I asks.

"I...I- ugh fucking shit," he murmured as I watches his action from jumping out of his seat and cups my face into his large hands before roughly crashing his incredibly sexy pink licks to mine. Without thinking, I grab his neck to deepen the kiss.

Is he actually kissing me?

"You're so hot..." He moans in my mouth and that's when I knew that this is actually happening. I'm kissing Mr. Styles. Wait- he's kissing me. And...and I'm enjoying every second of it. The feel of his tongue runs along mine. The tangly feeling in my bottom parts, I'm sure I was already... Uhhhh-wet for him. Just thinking of the thoughts make me feel like I should bath in holy water. For just-kissing a 27 years old.

Just then, I felt his hands runs down my thighs feeling me with my pants on. Never have I been so turned on. Yes, I have done more than this but this is different with Harry. Yet this feels so much better.

"You're already wet for me..." He licks the bottom of my lips. This is so hot. "Baby, say you're wet for me." He rubs my parts harder as I let out a small moan against his mouth.

"I-I'm wet for you," I push myself To say it before breaking the kiss. "What are we doing?" I chuckled, breathing heavily.

"We were just in the middle of a hot makeout but you just ruined it."

I blushes and glanced at the clock, 9:55. "I better go..."

"Okay, I'll see you next Monday?" He ensure the plan as I nodded in disappointment. I want to see you sooner though.

"Or I'll just text you and maybe... Maybe we can go... Somewhere-or you can babysit for Annie?" He quickly added must noticing my failed facial expression.

"Okay..." I say.

"Okay, see you soon Ivy."

I turn around to open the car door before hearing Harry's question.

"Where's my goodbye kiss?"

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