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Aliyah Marie Saint

"Wake yo bitch ass up up" Laya said kicking me in my side causing me groan.

Getting up I went into the bathroom looking at all the wounds that they have done to every since I been in this hell hole .

Some of you may ask where was I and how did I get there?Who is Laya?

Well im an orphan and I been her every since my parents die. Laya was a girl that was my age but she was in because she had abusive parents.My family didn't want me because they said I was a bastard child that nobody wanted.

Looking into the mirror I repeated " nobody wants you when you turn 18 your gonna be out on the streets homeless"

"Hurry tf up big frogged out bitch everyone else has to take a shower to" they all yelled at me.

I quickly took off my clothes and got in the shower. While I was the shower I couldn't help it to think about where would I be if my parents where alive and what if somebody wanted me.

10 minutes later

"Damn you been in there forever" They said pushing me. I hated being here.

The orphanage lady neva did anything about it sometimes she would laughed with them.

(Ion know exactly what they called so I said orphanage lady🤷🏾‍♀️)

After them pushing me around and slapping me I walked to part of orphanage where the babies where to get Kaylie because sometimes she would get the same treatment I got even though she was 1 years old.

"Sissy why dem tweat us like thwat" Kaylie said teaching out for me to pick her up.

"Idk but when I turn 18 we going to go far away I promise" I said connecting my pinkey with hers and kissing her.

"Ladies hurry up we have a big time rapper coming to adopte one of you at 1:30 and Aliyah do something to that shitt on your head." Ms.Vivian said pushing me and Kaylie out the way.

To me there was nothing wrong with my hair so I'm going to leave it like it is.

I went into the room and sat on the floor because unlike everyone else I had no bed. I sat Kaylie in between my legs and started doing little ponytails.

"Umm Aliyah Ms .Vivian said get your ass downstairs with that stupid baby" Janae said pecking her head through the door.

"Okay here we come"

Ion know why I put up with this shit but hopefully it's all going to end today.

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