Chapter 13

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(Y/N) P.O.V.

I felt something tickle my nose. I itched my nose and sleepily opened my eyes to see light blue eyes right next to mine.

"Hey Brucie..." I whispered out. He meowed back at me.

I looked around, realizing I wasn't in my room. Then reality hit me. Literally... Static noises and my vision blurred giving me a crazy migraine. I moaned and held my head.
I opened my eyes, and saw Slender Man peering above me. I have sometimes heard of him, but never knew he was... real...

I tried to scream but nothing came out. I stumbled out of bed, flailing my arms and legs- wait...

My... legs!!! I looked down, remembering just a while ago, it was cut open.

Now, all that remained was a scar. The Slender Man also noticed this, seeming surprisingly calm.

Then I remember the stab wound in my stomach. I peered through the hole in my ragged shirt. "Holy shit..." I said aloud. Slender Man shot me an angry look and I stick my tongue out at him.


Yes... I was surprised about her cuts healed, but I already knew of that. What was surprising is that she was... AWAKE!!

I called out to Toby... who seconds later bursted into the room saying "What is it?!". I spelled aside. giving him a clear look of (Y/N).

Hey guys :3 I just wanted to dedicate this chapter to what happened when toby wasn't around when (Y/N) was awake and stuff. sorry for
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