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                     17 years before

"Why do you always treat me like this" Sophia (Aliyah mom) said to Alijah

"Like what Sophia. Everyday you start with this bullshit I'm so sick and tired of it"

"Sick and tired of me? Do you know what if feels like to be 8 months pregnant with a Bitch that doesn't know to keep his dick in his pants.Im so fuckin stress out bro!" Sophia yelling at Alijah

Alijah and Sophia were high school sweethearts.They fell in love after meeting each other at a pool camp that their parents signed them up for.

Everybody titled them as the perfect couple but they didn't see half of the shitt that Alijah put Sophia through.

Alijah cheated left to right even when Sophia was in the room next to him and the hoe that he was having sex with.

Sophia was planning to leave Alijah but she knew she was going to do it when he was gone.

Sophia parents hated the fact that Alijah had got her pregnant and later on they hated that Aliyah made it and Sophia didn't.

"Bitch don't raise your voice at me" Alijah said raising his hand up to smack Sophia. Once he smacked Sophia she felled to the hold the right side of her face where he smacked her at.

This was the reason why she knew she would have to leave once Alijah was gone.It wasn't the first time Alijah put his hands on Sophia and when she tried to tell somebody they all believe that she was lying.They always seen Alijah as the good guy. Sophia thought that the day she told Alijah that she was pregnant that it would all stop but it got worse.

"Go in the fucking bathroom and fix yourself so we can go to this fuckin appointment for this stupid bitch in yo stomach" Alijah kicked Sophia leg.

Sophia got up lipping into the bathroom going under the cabinet grabbing her makeup bag. She put makeup on the hand print she had going across her face.

"I'm ready" Sophia said to Alijah softly walking to the car.

Later in the car

"You know I'm sorry for hitting" Alijah said glancing over at Sophia then back at the road.

Sophia heard this every time that he would hit her and she was tired of it.

"Hmmm hmm" Sophia said cause she knew he was lieing.

"I couldn't get a I'm sorry for pissing you off" Alijah said with a mug.

"Why tf I needa apologize and I did nothing wrong." Sophia said with a mug look at Alijah

Alijah had a anger problem that he never told Sophia he had pills for it but he never took them because they always made him sleepy.

"Bitch I'll beat tf out of you if you didn't have to go to this appointment" he said looking at her

And that's what everything started moving in slow motion. As soon as Alijah raised his hand to hit Sophia. He hand served off the road running into a big 18 wheeler.

Gladly the ambulance was near because that day Aliyah Marie Saint would've lost her life just like her Beautiful mother Sophia Amari Hendex and Sadly Abusive dad Alijah Maxon Saint.

Sadly her mother last words were "If she makes it please name her Aliyah Marie Saint"




Excuse all mistakes didn't proof read.

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