Challenge Seven:

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Song: "La La" by The Cab

"And I confess,

When I'm around you,

It's like an army's marching through my chest."

[Message][To Sasuke]: Hey! I'm going bowling with some people (Naruto, Neji, And Ten-Ten) and I wanted to see if you could come too! ^^ Please? You can use this time to apologize to Neji! :D

[Message][From Sasuke]: Well I have other things to do...

[Incoming Call][From y/n l/n]

"SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" You yelled loudly into your phone. You heard him yelp on the other side of line.

"What? Geez you didn't have to call me..." Sasuke retorted, sounding annoyed.

"I know you're not busy! And you need to socialize sometimes! Life is a balancing act between things, you know." You replied.

"Fine fine, I'll go. Just stop bothering me about it." Sasuke said, still obviously annoyed.

"Yay! Alright I'll text you the address. It's eleven twenty right now and you have to get there at noon so you better hurry up!" You replied cheerfully before hanging up.

[Message][To Sasuke]: Alright the bowling alley address is 1832 Kurama Way South East! ^-^ You better apologize to Neji when you get there! You can't ruin bowling with your emo-ness :c

[Message][From Sasuke]: Yeah yeah I know, mom.

[Message][To Sasuke]: ... Is the Sasuke Uchiha joking with me? Is that even possible? o___o

[Message][From Sasuke]: Oh shut up.

You put down your phone with a laugh. You were glad that Sasuke and you were now sort of friends. It was much better than fighting with him all the time. You chose to wear converse, skinny jeans and a plain grey t-shirt. You grabbed your wallet and phone and started to head out the door when you got a text.

[Message][From Sasuke]: Do you want to carpool? I'll pick you up.

You hesitated. Was Sasuke trying to be friendly? Does that even happen? All joking aside you were a little surprised at his actions. Sure you were kind of friends, but he never displayed friendship openly.

[Message][To Sasuke]: Sure, my address is: 1534 42nd Ave West :D

[Message][From Sasuke]: Be there in five.

You plopped down into your chair and turned on the TV. You sighed, there weren't an good shows anymore. You changed it to a sports station and settled for some soccer. You were shaken out of your soccer thoughts when there was a knock on your door. You quickly opened the door. Sasuke was standing there looking emo as ever, dressed in all black. Black sneakers, black skinny jeans, black hoodie. Black, black, black.

"Heyo!" You exclaimed cheerfully.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at your cheerfulness and said, "Let's go." You locked your door and followed him to his car. His car was awesome. And black. Not that you were really surprised. It was a black Mercedes Benz with custom made butterfly doors. Pretty damn awesome.

You hopped into the shot gun seat. "Hell yeah." You muttered, as you admired the car. Even the interior was completely black. "Your car is a little too emo for my taste but still really nice." You announced to Sasuke. He rolled his eyes in return.

You arrived at the bowling alley half an hour late. "It's all your fault we're late! You and your last minute carpooling ideas! And then we hit all the red lights! I blame your bad karma...." You stated, shaking your finger at Sasuke.

He rolled his eyes in return and locked his car. He shoved his hands into his pockets and headed towards the alley. "Hurry up, slow poke." He replied calmly, turning to look back at you.

You and Sasuke quickly got your shoes and headed to the lane where a familiar blond was.

"Naruto!" You exclaimed cheerfully. He spun around and almost tripped because of his shoes. You laughed and then almost tripped as well. You grabbed on to an arm to balance your self. You looked at the owner of that arm and he glared at you. "Oops... Sorry Sasuke!" You exclaimed, letting go of his arm. He simple rolled his eyes and scoffed. Sasuke rolled his eyes so much.

"Hey y/n! Glad you and Sasuke made it." Naruto replied with a smile. "Oh and we were just about to start another game, so you're right on time." He added.

"Sorry we're late! This bastard decided that we needed to carpool last minute." You apologized with a pointed look at Sasuke.

"Well, you didn't have to accept." Sasuke retorted. You glanced around and saw Neji and Ten-Ten with Naruto. Neji looked a bit upset that Sasuke was here. You'd fix that asap!

"Oh hey I need to tell Sasuke something! Enter our names please! We'll be right back!" You exclaimed, dragging Sasuke behind you. He looked confused. "Hey you better apologize to Neji right now!" You said sharply.

"I was actually going to, until you dragged me off. You dumbass." Sasuke retorted.

You smiled sheepishly. "Oops..." You responded.

Sasuke went up to Neji and you saw them exchanging a few words before Neji nodded and smiled. To your surprise, Neji pointed at you and Sasuke glared at him. Neji laughed at Sasuke's reaction and Sasuke seemed a bit relieved that Neji didn't hate him.

"Hey, nice work getting those two to be friends again!" Naruto said cheerfully. "I'm impressed that you and Sasuke are friends now as well." He added.

"Well in all honestly, I'm trying to change him for the better. And if I was his friend I would have more influence. Oh but I'm not doing it to change him, cause that would be incredibly selfish of me. I genuinely like him as a person, he just needs a little but of help, you know?" You explained, rambling a bit.

Naruto nodded, and as he opened his mouth to say something, Neji and Sasuke returned to the group smiling. Well, Neji was smiling, Sasuke was wearing his usual nonchalant look.

"Alright everyone gather 'round! I have something I would like to say." Naruto explained. Everyone sat down in the chairs around the little bowling table. "So uhm..." He started a bit nervously. "y/n, I really like you. No that's not right, I love you. I realized I felt this way about you when I was helping you train to become student president. You're so kind, funny and I think you're absolutely beautiful. I'm positive that I've fallen in love with you completely. Will you be my girlfriend?" Naruto asked.

You were shocked. You were not expecting this one bit. Everyone looked at you in a anticipation. You considered it briefly. Naruto was a great guy who you could come to like, or even love. So you decided to give it a chance.


This is five pages long on the writing app I use... o___o So this is eventual Sasuke x Reader so calm yourself if you're raging right now. Anyways, who doesn't love jealous Sasuke! So today I was very inspired to write this story and not my snk one for some unknown reason, but who's complaining? :) Hope you all enjoyed this chapter!

~ Jess <3

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