Part 7

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I wake up and look to my right and see Siah sleeping. Baby Kyle is in the the crib they brought in and Kai is under me. I kissed her forehead, I missed my baby.

A nurse walks in the room

I just came to check you and baby's vitals

I nod, and she helps me to the bathroom when she's done checking both of us

Before I can walk out I hear Kai crying for me


"Mommy didn't leave baby" Siah tries reassuring her

"Me want mommy" she cries even harder

"I'm here baby" I said walking out

She immediately stops crying when she sees me

"I miss you mommy"

I smile cause she's so sweet "I missed you more sweetie, now Cmon go back to sleep"

Siah helps us both back in the bed

"Baby you need anything?"

I shake my head no, right "now this moment is everything to me"

Siah kisses me "I love you so much" is the last think I here before I fall asleep

Hours later-

I don't know how long I've been asleep, but it was much needed. I wake up and mama and Jayda are going back and forth over Kyle. Tae was recording them. Bully fat ass is eating my food. Shooter and baby are playin GTA. Islah and khaza are making tictoks

"Don't they have a limit of who can be in here, and why y'all got a game hooked up to the tv"I ask

"Limits go out the window when ya man and brother reserved the whole floor, and we got bored" bulky says smacking

"Where are they"

Everyone shrugged

I was about to reach for my phone when Siah and Kai walk in the room with balloons

I was about to reach for my phone when Siah and Kai walk in the room with balloons

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Gates was right behind them with pizza. Mac was guarding my door he stuck his head in and waved

"Mommy we got you baboons"

I laugh cause she tried her hardest

"Thank you baby" I said kissing all over her face

Her laughing is really contagious

"Here Pooh" Gates said handing me a pizza and some wings

"Ooouuu thank you"

A nurse walks in the room with some flowers

"Damn who got these" I ask

Nobody said anything. I look and there's a note I open it and it reads

Hold your children... close
This is war

My heart drops, who's playing with me. I don't play about my kids, I couldn't do much when Kai was taken because I was pregnant but now, I'll take out anyone who dares to harm a hair on their heads

"Baby what's wrong" mama asks

I pass the note to Siah and he gets up pacing, then showing the guys

"Somebody's threatening my kids" Siah said punching the wall

"I need more security at the hospital" Gates said on the phone

Kai gets down and runs to Siah holding her arms up so he can lift her. He kissed he forehead

I watch them in amazement, she's always been his weakness

"Pooh were going to Louisiana when you get released"

"What about our house"

"It was burned down yesterday"


"I thought you knew"

"No, I was hurting soon as I woke up so I called mama to help me get the kids ready and Jayda met us here"

"So you weren't home all yesterday"

"No I called and called, i never got an answer form any of you"

"We were"

I cut him off, I didn't wanna hear the details of my sisters passing "I know"

"So who's body was found" baby asks

"A body" Jayda questioned

"They house was in flames by the time we got there, we told them how many people were home, well how many we thought and they said they found a body"

"Was Maria still there" Mama asks

"No, I told her she could leave when you got there"

Siah's phone rang

"Officer I think there's some kind of mistake"


"Okay I'll be there as soon as I can"

"Baby what's going on"

"They ran the DNA on the body that was found"

"Who was it" I ask



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