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Dark side of the moon

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Life sucks sometimes. Yeah, we've all thought it at some point. Probably not so public though, because then everyone thinks your either depressed or suicidal. When i say the word werewolf, what do you think? I used to think New Moon, cute, furry, protective, alpha's...mates. Everytime i remember that, i feel like slapping myself.

My name's Faolan, pronounced Fay-lin. My parents are Irish so of course they had to name me a traditional Irish name. What they didn't have to do was give me a boy's name. I bet that you don't really care now that you know my name. You'd rather hear about the werewolves and how I met my prince charming who swept me off my feet. You may just be reading this, but I really hope you can tell that I'm being sarcastic there.

When i first read Harry Potter, I was scared of Professor Lupin. When i saw the movie, i actually got nightmares, and i would run into my mum and dad for a month before i forgot about them. Every full moon though i used to bolt my door and keep a tennis racket under my bed. I didn't stop doing that till i was 11...maybe 12.

But then recently when I read New Moon...lets just say i stopped having fantasies about spy's. I loved Jacob Black,  i hated the rest of the characters but I loved the werewolves. I don't exactly like Twilight anymore, but i still go to the movies. Why? Well Taylor Lautner is a sexy werewolf.

Now that I think about it, the real type of werewolves, they are like a mix of J.K Rowling's type and Stephanie Myers. Although, thinking again, J.K Rowling had it a bit more accurate, and i really wish she didn't. Let's just say that yes they choose mates, and yes they heal quickly and yes a lot of them are handsome. But they actually do change at the full moon and forget everything, no they are not sweet and cuddly in wolf form and protective of their mate. They are vicious, wild and will pretty much kill you if you get in their way. Trust me, I speak from experience.

Oh and I forgot to mention. When they mate with someone, they don't fall in love. It's up to him and his new found mate. To make it simple basically fate tells the werewolf that his mate is his best match to have heaps of kids or his best match to help him in some other area, but there's no attachment to them...basically there's no love at first sight. Which is kind of cruel seeming as it would just mean reproducing monsters.  I think I can take a guess at what some of you are thinking. If you don't have any emotional attachment why don't you just walk away?

In this world, there is a force that's bigger than us. Time is a strange concept, and it is interwoven between so many people that our lives are constantly changing and crashing together because of time. So that force that's bigger than us, the one I was talking about before, somehow you can never stay too far away from your mate, and even if you try, somehow you keep finding each other.

There have been stories of mates falling in love with each other after spending so much time with each other, but then again there's also been stories of werewolves killing there mates while they're in wolf form. I don't really want to fall in love so with me it's kind of a dammed if you do, dammed if you don't situation.

I'm going to take a guess that you figured out that I'm one of those lucky girls. Once again, I really hope you can tell I'm being sarcastic here.

I really wish I could answer "well you're wrong" but sadly I am one of those girls.

What's even stranger is that I met him while on a school exchange in America. My host family's daughter has actually gone to Australia to stay with my family. Poor thing, I've heard from her through email, and I try hard not to laugh at how bad she hates the uniforms.

I'm pretty sure she's laughed at me when I've mentioned that going to school in casual clothes is weird. Apparently it's against fashion to wear plain sweatpants to school, but I refuse to dress up.

You're probably getting bored right now, with me going on about time and fashion so I'll get to the story. I'll start my second first day of high school, which is pretty much the beginning.


Okay well i'm starting a new werewolf story. If you read that whole thing you might realise that it's not a typical least I hope it's not. Anyways i was getting sick of the cliche ones and thought well if no one else is going to step out of the circle i'll try. And i may not continue this story but I really want to get idea's down so yah. Oh and with this style of writing, if i do continue the story it will most likely be in first person :)

Please tell me what you think

ps. please help me with a title lol.

pps. the song is night of the hunter by 30 seconds to Mars

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