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Rosabel's pov:

I stood in shock for a moment, the reality of the situation hitting me hard while I stood frozen, practically unable to move a single muscle. Once I finally regained muscle movement I looked around and took a few steps forward.

"Wait! Carilith what did you mean by that?" I asked out into the air in front of me, not getting a reply from the long gone demon.

I ran a hand through my curls, grasping into my red hair with worry, biting my lip. Dead...? Who could kill Carilith, she was a super old and strong demon. And what was she doing that was so dangerous and that had her leaving the house at this time of night?

I fidgeted in worry, not knowing what to do. She just...disappeared on me! How could she do that! Especially after saying something like that to me! Without any reasoning or explanation! No! This wasn't fair, what the heck was going on!

"Carilith! If you don't come back here right now!" I shouted, gritting my teeth and clenching my hands into fists.

I let out a shaky breath, feeling my heart rate start to rise. What on Earth was I going to do?! She couldn't die! I was trying to think of every possible reason why that might happen or how that could even happen, but I just felt like crying every single time I did. This wasn't fair.... She couldn't just leave. Where did she go?

I ran over to a window, opening it and looking around. I instantly closed it though when realising that I was just looking out into a dark void of nothingness, and a whole load of rain came crashing down against me, fuelled by the raging wind.

I sighed, wiping my face clean before blinking a few times. I whimpered in worry, wiping my sweaty palms on my thighs before trying to take some deep breaths to calm myself down. The last thing I needed to do was panic.

"Okay Carilith. You want to run away? We'll touch, you're my demon" I whispered before closing my eyes and concentrating hard to get into the mind link.

It was harder to concentrate and make contact when someone was so far away. I had to close my eyes and really think hard about it, trying to reach out for her mind, and eventually I managed to do it.

"Carilith! Where are you? What's happening?! I don't want you to die!" I said desperately in her mind, biting my lip worriedly.

"I'll be fine....hopefully. You just remember what I said okay. Stay away from new people like a boy and a girl, or even people you haven't seen in a while. And stay where Stella can see you, or Laura." She simply said.

"No, I don't care I want you to come back!" I shouted in through the mind link.

"I'm sorry" Carilith replied in a soft and quiet voice, before I was instantly cut off from the link, making my eyes open wide and me to gasp.

"W..what?!" I shouted, before closing my eyes and trying to concentrate again.

But it was no use. It felt like I was being blocked off or something. Like it was physically impossible for me to be able to connect with her mind and communicate. What did that mean?! Was she dead!

Suddenly I felt something tickle my feet, making me screech out in fear, my heart rate going through the roof before I let out a breath, shaking my head at Alora. I tried to calm myself down but I couldn't think properly. What if she was really gone? I couldn't connect through the mind link with her anymore!

"Oh god..." I whispered, feeling tears prickle at my eyes.

Just then there was a gust of wind and Laura was stood in front of me. She had concern in her eyes, looking at me in confusion and worry.

"Baby girl? What's wrong?" She asked.

"Carilith's gone. S..she just disappeared. And she said that if she's not back my sunlight she'll be..dead.." I told her with a wobbling voice "I can't connect with her in the mind link anymore. What if something happened?!" I asked fearfully.

"Okay relax. Let's not jump to conclusions" My mate calmly said, placing a hand on my shoulder while the other held my hand "we can sometimes block off someone from the mind link. I doubt anything's happened to her."

I breathed a sigh of relief at that, nodding my head. Though I was still a little worried about what just happened. Apparently I had been making a lot of noise too because people slowly started to come out of their rooms. Mama came over to me, making me look at her.

"Hey, what's wrong?" She asked gently, wiping the tears that had fallen from my eyes.

"Carilith's gone." I whispered, before I paused when seeing a vampire bite on her neck.

Did Claire finally bite her? Was she immortal too now? Or was she just bitten? I had so many questions to ask.

"Gone? What do you mean gone?!" Stella asked, stepping forward with a worried face.

"I don't..know. She just said if she's not back by sunlight...she's probably dead..." I got out, frowning deeply.

"She won't be" Stella said confidently, making everyone look over at her "if a whole group of witches couldn't kill her I doubt anyone can now. Especially seeing as she's older and stronger now. Plus she won't die again...or I guess she pretended she was dead...she won't do that. She said she wouldn't..not again. She wouldn't put us through that grief..."

"She sounded serious when she said it though..." I wobbled out, my love squeezing me in response and reassurance.

"Well I suggest we don't panic just yet. If you want I can have some people go look for her" Claire said "I'm good at that. Finding people. But like I said, it's probably nothing. From what I've heard demons are mischievous little tricksters. And stronger than most of us here. Not to forget she is a trained assassin also"

"Do you think we should get someone after her?" I asked with a small voice, to which Claire just shrugged with a sigh.

"No" Stella said simply "she does this. She just...leaves without a word. And she doesn't say anything. And then one day she just pops back up and expects everyone to be fine with it. Even if you do truly believe she's dead...she's gone...and you morn and grieve for her." She said with a deep frown, her jaw clenched and her emotions rising, clearly speaking from experience.

Kyle wrapped an arm around her, trying to comfort his mate and wife. She just closed her eyes and let out a defeated sigh, history seemingly repeating itself for her.

"Y'all are overreacting" Ben rolled his eyes, making everyone stare at him with a small shake of the head or roll of the eyes "I'll summon her with the power of the gay" he grinned, making me tilt my head to the side in confusion.

He cleared his throat before placing his hands together, closing his eyes. Then he started to let out weird noises from popping his lips and moving his tongue about and doing weird dance moves. I couldn't help but let out a snigger, covering my face at the ridiculous act. Trisha was full blown laughing, practically crying at the sight.

"Just slowly walk away" Mama told me in a whisper, before nodding her head and everyone else took slow steps away from him, letting him do his own thing.

"You know" Laura sighed while we walked away "sometimes I wonder if we should send him to therapy"

"I think as long as Professor White is there he'll be up for it" I giggled back before sighing a little while my mate laughed.

I guess I just had to hope for now that Carilith would be okay... She was a powerful demon after all. She could take care of herself...right? It's not like I could do anything for her myself anyways.

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