~Preperations and Betrayals~

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'But they plan, And Allah plans, And Allah is the best of the planners'

So this is the first chapter and I'm very excited to share it with you all<3

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So this is the first chapter and I'm very excited to share it with you all<3

Inaya's POV:
I kept my eyes closed as the beautician did her work on my face. I had been sitting like this for the past 4 hours, from manicures and pedicures to getting my hair pulled and twisted into wierd knots. Now she was applying wierd pastes onto my face and it was safe to say, I couldn't wait for this to be over.

I sighed as I tried to scratch the area under my eye. But before my hand could even reach there, it was slapped away. "Your makeup will be ruined." Dania scolded from beside me. "How much longer?" I whined. "Almost done." The beautician replied and I relaxed a little.

After half an hour more of torture, the beautician was finally done and I breathed out in relief. "I'm sure, you're the first bride who is so impatient, usually they are too busy being nervous." Dania stated as she helped me with my jewellery. "I'll ask you, when you will go through the same torture." Dania chuckled and shook her head. "Unlike you, I'll be a patient bride." She moved back and stared at me in satisfaction.

"Uh huh." I rolled my eyes, sarcasm lacing my voice.

"Can I look already?"

"Just a second." She fixed the veil on my head then turned my chair towards the mirror.

A gasp left my mouth upon looking at my reflection. Gone was the plain girl, who roamed around in her pyjamas all day and it was replaced by a mature, beautiful girl staring back. My dark brown hair was pulled into a beautiful updo resting at the back of my head with a few tendrils out, framing my face. My skin looked flawless and my cheeks were coated with a pink blush that almost looked natural.

My brown eyes looked bigger lined by a black kohl and eyeliner. There was a mixture of rose gold and red dusted on top of my lids making the brown of my eyes more prominent. And my pink lips looked fuller, filled with red tint. "Wow." I stared, awestruck.

"I know right, like can you believe it? You actually look beautiful." Dania laughed earning a glare from me. "I'm joking, but you really do look beautiful." Her eyes filled up and as if on cue, mine did too. "Hell no, I'm not letting you ruin your makeup." She engulfed me in a hug which I returned back happily. "Who said I was going to?" I sniffed and I could hear her chuckling against my shoulder.

Dania and I had been best friends since we were babies. Our mothers had us two months apart making me two months older than her. Our fathers had gone to the same college and had been best friends since their school too.

Dania was extremely beautiful with her Hazel eyes and her light brown hair. Though we both were of almost the same height but she was a few inches taller. Where I was 5"2, she was 5"4.

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