Planet Namek.

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Ben, Gohan, Bulma, Piccolo, Nappa and Trunks have made it to Namek. Vegeta gets to the planet. Bulma and Krillin have had their hidden potential unlocked. Goku shows up and lands on Namek. Frieza showed up and Ben scans him. "Uncatalogued Mutant Freezian DNA detected. DNA acquired and available!". Goku meets Frieza. Frieza sees that Goku looks like his father. You look like you're father! Vegeta tells Goku that Frieza destroy planet Vegeta. Goku and Frieza battle. Goku threw a blue energy ball at Frieza. Frieza survived it. Goku and Frieza continue the battle and Frieza throws a Death Ball into Namek. Goku defeated Frieza and Z-Fighters are leaving Namek. Goku climbed into a Saiyan pod ship and leaves Namek and heads towards the nearest planet. Namek blows up. The dragon rised up from the Dragon Balls and Ben scans him. "Uncatalogued Eternal Dragon DNA detected. DNA acquired and locked in list 12!". The Z-Fighters bring Namek back and bring the Nemekians back to life and take them to Earth. Well, I got to go back. I'll be back some day. The Omnitrix opens a portal to her Earth. Ben entered the portal and it closed behind her. Jen comes out and the portal closed. Ben knocked on the door and Gwen opens the door. Ben smiles and hugs Gwen. Ben and Gwen are going together to Goku's Earth. They come out the portal and it closed behind them. Here we are. Goku, Bulma, Gohan and Vegeta sensed two people heading towards them. I'm sensing someone. I know this person. It's Jen! But who is with her? asked Bulma. Goku, Bulma, Gohan and Vegeta and Nappa see Ben. Goku smiles. Hey Jen! How you been doing? asked Goku. I've been great. Hi there. Who is this? asked Trunks. I'm Gwen. Nice to meet you all. You too. I'm Bulma. This is Krillin, Gohan, Nappa and Trunks. This is Vegeta. Good thing you guys showed up. There's this new enemy on Earth. What's his name? asked Ben and Gwen. It's Cell. Cell is an android that was created by a made scientist from our past. The Doctor created them to get revenge on me and Bulma for what we did to the Red Ribbin Army. Cell has been absorbing people to become more powerful. Cell has gotten a new form. Ben and Gwen train and get more powerful. Ben meets Cell and scans him. "Uncatalogued bio-technologic DNA detected. DNA acquired and available!". Gohan defeated Perfect Cell and a town is built and named after him.

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