Chapter 2 - The City Of Fallen Angels

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I looked at my surroundings and the two stoned men were still in their spot. They weren't whole, they were broken, one had no head and no arms while the other's torso was completely detached from the lower body.
I touched the man with no head stone and a red glowing light formed underneath my palm, I didn't know what to do, so I stayed completely still.
Something was happening, the stone color started to fade away to the mans skin color, a light beige. He was no longer a stone, his body fell to the floor and he was gushing blood from his neck as if he just got his head recently cut off.

"How could that be when it's been 9 years?" I asked myself.

I realized I was sucking the magic out of the stones, it was magic that caused them to freeze and I am able to take it back.
I felt strong and free, I then continued my journey to find Adelaide. I walked and walked for miles, the village where I had died was empty.
People had evacuated apparently, I went into one of the homes to try doing a locator spell. This was my first time ever doing a spell on my own, but as I was focusing I felt like I knew what I was doing.
I then began to have these faint images in my head, as if I could see through Adelaide's eyes. I saw the english flag, she's in England.

"How the bloody hell am I going to get to England?" I said to myself.

I heard a voice, Lilith was speaking to me in my mind. She was telling me to walk out the front door, so I did. When I walked out, I was no longer in the village or Mystic Falls, I was in England. I saw some soldiers walking past me, but they didn't look like soldiers from the 10th century.
I walked up to the soldiers and asked them "What year is it?" they laughed and said "Well its 1492 dear, have you been sleeping under a rock". I slowly walked away from them but they followed, they were trying to see where I was going.
When I ignored them they grabbed both my arms and began to drag me through the dirt. I didn't scream or speak, one of the soldiers looked down at me, as I looked up at him and I saw fear on his face as he looked into my pitch black eyes. I felt the hunger rushing back, I was stronger than I was when I was a new vampire, I grabbed him by his collar pulling him closer to me as I fed on his neck.
He screamed in agony and his partner tried to shoot me, he shot through me and into the other soldier, he's dead.

I turned around and started to attack the other soldier, one cannot be enough. Everyone around stared, screamed, or went running for help or into their homes. As I finished off the last soldier who was so rude to me, I looked around and the wind started to sing, crows were flying in circles, and I rolled my shoulders up.
Everyones memory was erased, they didn't see the two dead bodies, they didn't see me walk out from one of the houses and attack these two men.
They didn't give me any attention, I walked over to one of the clothing racks as a woman was drying her laundry, I took a wet towel to clean my face and I took one of her beautiful dresses, a bright red gown.
I went behind the house to put it on, then I continued to walk and think, how was I so strong? I've only been a vampire for 9 years, right? wrong.

I turned in the 10th century and was condemned to hell, I thought I only spent 9 years in hell since they needed me to be 16. Time in hell is a lot different than I expected, I spent 492 years in hell, which means I am 508 years old. I ignored the fact that I had been alive for half a millennium and started to think about that ruby, where it could be, the leaves were flying one direction, I decided to follow the leaves as a sign.
As I was walking through the forest, I got this sharp pain in my head, I screamed and cried. It was the images again, but I didn't only see what Adelaide saw, I saw the souls in the ruby. They were screaming, begging for mercy, I knew how it felt to be scared and weak.
I continued my walk following the leaves, finally there was a home. I knocked on the door and a beautiful young lady opened the door, her hair was a light brown like mine, but longer and she had a braid crown.

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