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Amane had heard the rumours about the seven mysteries in his school. He, of course being the sane human being he is, didn't believe they were actually real. Or at least he hoped so at this moment.

It was all because of Tsukasa and his little torture games that lead the older Yugi to this moment, he had dared him to summon Hanako-san upon hearing the popular rumour.

"It will be fun! Trust me, she's not real anyways so you wont get that hurt" His demon brother comforted him in his own twisted way (Which didn't make him feel better).

The poor boy sneaked into the girl's bathroom carefully so Tsuchigomori-sensei couldn't notice.

He knocked three times on the door, swearing he would haunt his twin's ass if he died "Hanako-san, Hanako-san, are you there?" He spoke shakily, closing his eyes.

"I'm here~"

His eyes widened, feeling the regret wash over him as the stall's door opened revealing- Absolutely nothing. Amane sighed, relieved the rumour was fake and he didn't have to sacrifice something as a price for his wish-

"Behind you."

The male screamed and put his arms above his head as protection. A high pitched chuckle was heard across the bathroom. 'A girl's voice?' He mentally slapped himself mentally when realizing it was normal since he's in the GIRL'S bathroom.

"Are you okay?" The girl spoke calmly. He removed his arms from his face and saw a blonde haired female with teal tips. She wore a black sailor uniform with a white bow instead of a common red one. She had fish scales on her cheek, floating fish around her and..

"Swollen legs." He muttered. "THEY'RE NOT SWOLLEN!" The female tried to bonk his head but failed, her ghostly hand passed through him which creeped Amane out.

"A-Are you a ghost?" Yugi stuttered and looked at the apparition.

"Yup! The seventh of the famous seven mysteries. I am Hanako-san of the toilet." She playfully extended a hand, "Nice to meet you!"

He grabbed her hand and shook it. "I thought you would stick to the rumours, but I guess this is fine." Hanako pouted but shook her head.

"I find it really weird that you're so desperate for me to grant your wish you're willing to break the school's rules. Oh my! You perverted boy." He blushed furiously.

"I'm not perverted radish-san!" The boy teased Hanako-san back.

"I am not a radish..." She turned around ready to leave.

"I was joking Hanako-san! Your legs are cute!" He waved his hands desperately, it's not everyday you meet a ghost. "Cute..." She blushed and turned around.

"Okay! Tell me your name, class and wish right away." Amane laughed.

"My name is Yugi Amane, I'm from class 1-B and my wish is to go to the moon!" Hanako-san dropped her pencil in shock "The moon!? You sure dream big.. It's not possible to go to the moon." She smiled awkwardly.

"Well then, I guess I will leave-"

She sighed "I'm not sure if I can grant you that wish.. No one has asked me for something like that." Amane stared at the ground.

"Can I wish for something else then?" The girl nodded, saying a small 'Go ahead'.

".. Wish.." He murmured softly "I wish.. I had friends.." His cheeks flared up red and Hanako looked at him with a gentle gaze.

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