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Sandejas Legacy #1: August Lies

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Note: For better reading experience, I suggest you guys should read Sandejas Sibling Series and Lost Island Series before this para 'di kayo malito sa names, in case, you haven't read it pa. Pero even without reading it maiintindihan naman ang flow ng story na 'to, that's only if you like and for more thrill.


Sandejas Legacy #1:

Sandejas Legacy continues...

"Lies are lies, no matter how good the reason behind it is."

Scira Rosalie Sandejas Valderama, one of the most sought and famous Architect of her generation. Beautiful, smart, creative and perfectionist.

Everyone looks up to her because she got everything...almost everything. Siguro nga ay nasa kanya na ang lahat kung hindi lang palpak ang buhay pag-ibig n'ya.

One man to another, she tried looking for love yet love isn't really showing itself to her but not until she met Warren Miranda. He's gentleman, proud and handsome.

She thought...maybe he is the one. Pero paano kung ang akala n'yang potential future jowa ay maging future kumare n'ya pala?

The two met in an unexpected way, made a one of a kind friendship but what if she found out the he lied?

Note: You can read this story as STAND-ALONE but for BETTER reading experience, you can check the pinned book in my profile entitled "Book Updates (Story Guide! Check Here!) >> Book Guide for New Readers" for the chronological order. You can still read this book in any order if you like, just beware of some spoilers. Thank you! Enjoy!

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