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Chapter Sixteen: Facing the Parents

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I saw that I had a really big increase in readers on this story! So thanks everyone :) I suppose many of you came here after I finished Thicker Than Blood.

Enjoy the new chapter and I do apologize for having you all wait so long in between updates. 



When my mind cleared again I felt much better. There was a bandage around my head and I felt incredibly stiff but there was no pain.

I realized I was in a car and when I heard the soft purring I knew it was Caleb's car. There was a blanket wrapped around me and I was half cradled by a strong arm.

I peeked open my eyes and saw it was Jared looking down at me, probably worried but I couldn't see his facial expression well without glasses. Immediately I smiled at him. 'Hey there big brother...' my voice croaked and I frowned at that, happy it wasn't painful to do so anymore.

'How are you feeling Winnie?' he said as he let go so I could sit up on my own. I realized I was still wearing my sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt albeit a little bloodstained at the collar and frowned when I realized I was holding another shirt in my right hand.

When I looked back up I saw Caleb was driving and he was indeed shirtless. His leather jacket over his bare chest. His chest a pink blur in the rear view mirror.

'How come you're not wearing your shirt Caleb?' I asked, utterly confused and why was I the one holding his shirt?

My voice was already sounding better but my throat was very sore. I guessed it was from the bruises forming there from when Damien nearly strangled me. I wished I could get some water to drink.

Both my brother and Caleb laughed at my question. Loudly at that, probably to relieve some of the tension.

Then Caleb answered, 'Winter... I had to take it off because you wouldn't let go! And I wasn't allowed inside while they bandaged you up...'


My cheeks burned at that. I remembered holding on tightly and thinking I wasn't going to let Caleb leave me... But I honestly couldn't remember holding on that tightly.

'Well... you can have it back now?' I offered holding up the shirt in question. More laughter from both guys and then the car came to a gentle stop and the engine cut off.

'You think you can walk sis?' asked Jared from beside me. He was already opening the door and getting out, helping me slide to the side so I could get out too.

'Yeah my legs are just fine,' I told them honestly as I wobbled to my feet. Feeling slightly dizzy. Caleb was there on my other side quickly holding out a steadying arm, which I gratefully took.

A few minutes later I was seated on the couch with a clean shirt on, tucked in a blanket carefully by my mom with on my right side Caleb and left of me Jared.

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