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Word Count: 1.5k 😳
A/n: I'm going to crown myself the queen of making characters roll their eyes 😌 but I hope you guys like this one!! It starts off with just like the party talking idk but I like it so hopefully you guys do too!!

"Okay so, everyone knows that Y/n likes Steve and that Steve likes Y/n, right?" Max looked at her group of friends and watched them all nod.

"There is no way Steve is gonna tell Y/n, he told me he doesn't want to ruin his friendship with her." Dustin folded his arms across his chest. Will cleared his throat and rolled his eyes at Dustin.

"Yeah and Y/n told me that she's not gonna tell Steve because she doesn't want to be rejected by him and then make everything weird between them." Everyone stared at Will in confusion.

"Wait, why did she tell you?" Max seemed slightly offended because you usually told her everything.

"Look, she kinda let it slip when she was driving me home one night, like she was just venting and then it slipped out." Will looked at Max with a reassuring look.

"Okay well let's make things interesting, I say we bet on when they're gonna end up together." Max had a wild look in her eyes but everyone seemed interested.

"How much?"

"$5 but, the only rule is that you can't tell them that they like each other." Max got a nod of approval from each of the kids and she grabbed a calendar and marker while the kids picked out days.

Will had June 13th, Max had June 25th, Mike had July 4th, Eleven had June 4th, Lucas had July 20th and Dustin had June 1st. The kids realized how soon the date Dustin picked was but he told them he knew Steve would make a move by then.

Oh boy was Dustin wrong, it was already June 10th and Steve had done absolutely nothing. Dustin was so mad. Because of Steve he would miss out on $25, and now he was gonna lose $5. Eleven wasn't happy either but, instead of being mad she was trying help Max by telling you to ask out Steve.

"Why won't you do it?" Eleven was back at it again, you were supposed to be tutoring her to get her ready for school but, she had other ideas.

"I've already told you, I'm scared of what it would do to our friendship if he didn't feel the same now, please identify the antecedent in the sentence." Eleven did as you asked and you started pulling out papers for math.

"So, you're scared? I've been scared too. But that didn't stop me from dating Mike!" You wondered why she was pushing this so hard, Max and her would bring it up occasionally but they were never like this.

"El, what had gotten into you today?" She avoided eye contact with you.

"You're making this so hard! Max wants to win and I'm trying to help her but this is impossible. We only have 15 more days!" Her eyes nearly popped out of her skull when she realized all that she said.

"What are you and Max trying to do and why does it involve me?" She huffed and looked at you.

"The party has a bet. We bet on when you and Steve would end up together." You really couldn't believe what she told you, you knew the party was sneaking but you didn't think they'd do this.

"Okay, we're done with school today and we're gonna go pick up Max." You started to clean up everything and pack up your stuff.

"You're not mad?" El watched you as you calmly put everything away.

"Nope but I do have an idea." You walked out to your car with Eleven behind you. You drove to Max's house quietly, Eleven was staring at you with a questioning look. You got to Max's house and after an unsettling interaction with Billy, she was in your car. You drove with the girls to an empty parking lot.

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