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His icy eyes were staring right ahead, focused on the boy sitting in front of him. It was clear in the somewhat uneasy look he held in his chocolate brown eyes that the situation wasn't of his liking anymore, and yet he didn't do  anything to change it.

He leaned forward, his long fingers wrapping around the glass in a studied and over-rehearsed way, bringing it to his lips and downing the sparkling drink inside as he kept staring at the boy over the transparent rim. "Aren't you gonna join the party?" He asked calmly, sitting back against the couch, a spark of enjoyment in his light-coloured irises.

The boy shrugged, the concerned look being wiped off his face as he poured himself a glass of clear liquid, his muscles relaxing as the drink burned down his throat.

The young man in front of him put his down, sending a fast glance around the room before leaning closer to him. "Let's have fun," he whispered, taking a little transparent bag out of his pocket and throwing it on the table.

The brown eyes of the other widened. "Where did you get that?" He whispered, his irises momentarily losing their sparkle as he sent a preoccupied gaze to the clear ones of the other, a bit of redness spreading through his cheeks as nervousness settled in his chest. He grabbed the bottle that was sitting on the coffee table between them, taking a large gulp from it to calm his nerves.

The young man rolled his eyes at the worry etched in the other's. "I stole it," he shared, the tone of his voice dropping to a faint whisper as the words left his lips, a smirk finding its way on his face at the remembrance of his foul actions.

Brown eyes took a deep breath, leaning back against the couch and pinching the bridge of his nose as he processed the other's words. "They never work alone," he said quietly, holding his breath as someone passed by, hoping that his words had been left unheard. "Someone's gonna be in trouble."

The clear-eyed man shrugged, carelessness evident in his actions. "The world is divided in predators and preys," he stated before bringing his fancy looking glass to his lips, flicking its contents into his mouth with a sharp movement of his wrist. He looked at the boy in front of him with a mixture of superiority and mischievousness. "We are the predators, Thomas."

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