Chapter 68

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"Have a nice day" Taylor says as I get out of the car.

"Thanks Taylor" I say before I shut the door. I begin to walk towards the doors when I hear Taylor's voice behind me.

"Sky!" He sounds urgent. I spin on my heels to see him stood behind me. "Your skirt is tucked into your tights" He laughs. I quickly smooth out my skirt and spin for him to check. "Yeah you're all good now"

"Thanks" I laugh "That would have been so embarrassing" I add as the bell goes.

"Quick go, bye Sky" He says before I run off to home room.


I sit down in my seat for homeroom with just seconds to spare.

"So Skylar, you had a nice awakening today?" A blonde haired boy a few seats away from me smirks.

"What?" I say rolling my eyes slightly

"I saw the various vines. You'd win a wet t-shirt competition anyday" He winks.

"What does that mean?"

"You didn't leave much to the imagination in that thin, soaking top. If you know what I mean" He says getting out his phone and showing me the vine.

"Mark leave her alone man" I hear a masculine voice behind me. I turn to see Jake stood in the doorway. He comes over to us and leans on my desk.

"I'm just telling her how hot she is"

"No you're sounding like a pig" Jake says

"If I remember correctly, you told her you wanted to sex her up on the first day" Mark retaliates. "Now I'm saying it" He leans over and passes me a small piece of paper. "You ever wanna get it on then hit me up"

"Trust me I won-" I start

"She doesn't want you" Jake interupts.

"Who are you to tell her what she can and can't want" Mark says standing up.

"Who are you to proposition her?" Jake says matching his stance. They're now inches away from eachother. I have to get involved.

"Jake chill" I say also standing up. I wedge my way between them and face Jake. "You're better than this" I assure him. I then feel large hands grip my waist and a hard object in my thigh. My eyes widen and Jake realises what is happening. I can tell he's getting angrier by the second. "I've got this" I whisper and turn to face Mark. I quickly bring my knee up and hit him right where it hurts. His eyes widen and he bends over holding his area.

"Did that hurt?" Jake laughs at him "That's my girl" He smirks, high-fiving me as we all take our seats again.


After my 3rd period, on my way to my fourth- I get stopped by a group of 13 year old girls.

"Hey Skylar" One of them says shyly.

"Hey" I say polietely

"We were wondering if we could ask you some questions for the school newspaper" Another one says, her eyes flitting around the room. She seems scared, forced almost.

"Er sure, can we make it quick though because I really need to get to my next lesson?" I say rather impatiently. Why would they even want to 'interview' me? I'm not famous and I haven't done anything news worthy.

"We can do it after school?" The first girl says. "Room 261?"

"Sure, I'll see you guys there" I smile before the girls dispand and go their separate ways.

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