Part 2

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Addison POV

I just landed and I'm trying to get my bag from the overhead compartment. But as usual I'm too short. So I asked the guy that was sitting next to me for help 

"Um,excuse me sir? Can you help me get my bag please" it was just a back pack that I brought of stuff I didn't want in a suitcase. So it didn't get lost or anything.

"Of course pretty lady" he said and got it down.

"Thank you"

"My father always said to help out beautiful woman"

"Oh" this man was not flirting with me right now

"So are you single" he was in his 40s or 50s what is he doing

"Um I'm nineteen*

"Age is just a number baby"

"So is 911, goodbye"

And with that I left the plane. Mads was supposed to pick me up but I don't know where she was. I looked around for a while until I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw mads standing there smiling.

"Mads!" I said and hugged her

"Hey it's so good to finally meet you!" She said hugging back

"I know!" Then we pulled apart.

"Ok let's go get your bags and get out of here all the people here are annoying"

"Haha okay" then we went and got my bags and left the airport. We got to the car and after we put on our seatbelt mads asked

"So how was your flight"

"Well it was good until we were getting off then some 50 year old man was trying to flirt with me"

"Oh..ew, sorry that happened"


"Anyway how are you"

"I'm good,I'm just excited for you to meet some of our friends" she said smirking

"What's that smirk for"

"Well because one of the friends you have a crush on"

I rolled my eyes at her, she showed me pictures of them and I said one was cute but I don't like him

"I don't have a crush on him"

"Sure, but when you two end up together  I'm taking credit"

"Ok but that won't happen"

"Mhm, ok we're here let's go"

"Ok is everyone here"

"Yep, including your future boyfriend"

"Stop calling him that!"

"Whatever come on"

"I have to get my bags first"

"Oh right, let me help you"

"It's ok I got it"

"You sure?"

I nodded

"Ok" I got the stuff and we got to the door. Mads knocked since I had my hands full. Then Jaden came to the door.

"Hey guys! Come in" he said moving to the side so we could  walk in.

"Ok I'll show you too your room to put your stuff down then you can meet everyone"

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