Young!Sirius Black x Reader: Drunken Confessions

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Author's Note/Summary: You oversee cleaning up after a quidditch party and find a very drunk Sirius who confesses some deep feelings he has for you. (Tried my best to keep reader gender neutral!)

The common room was extremely quiet compared to the last few hours it had undergone. Gryffindor had won against Slytherin in the afternoon quidditch match and "of course we had to celebrate like it was our last day on earth!" James' words. Not mine.

In fact, I was currently regretting the whole thing. It was fun, sure, but The Marauders, specifically James Potter, somehow convinced me again to 'help' clean up afterwards. Let's just say, every time I have ever agreed to help The Marauders do any type of chore, I am always the only one who is decently productive. They do try their best, especially Remus, but I still expected them all to be up in the dormitories by now: Remus and Peter passed out in their beds, James following Lily like a puppy to her room, and Sirius sleeping with a random girl that he will most definitely tell me about tomorrow. It is what I get for being best mates with the 'Hogwarts Resident Playboy' (Even though I believe he was the one who gave himself that title). Anyways, this was the same, old routine every time The Marauders held a party and that was the exact reason why I was surprised to find long, black hair draped over the back of one of the common room's couches.

"Sirius?" I ask.

No response. I slowly walk around to the front of the couch to see him zoned out and looking at the dying fire.

"Sirius," I repeat, louder this time.

I wave my hand in front of his face to try and get his attention. He slowly blinks a few times, getting rid of the daze that had consumed his stare. He then turns his head to look at me and lazily grins, or at least attempts to do something resembling his iconic smirk.

"Ah, halloo love," he responds, slurring his words, "Welcome to my couch," He exclaims pridefully, emphasizing the last syllables of each word he spoke.

He pats the seat next to him and I take it, looking him over head to toe. I notice just how disheveled he looks, not to mention how he absolutely reeks of alcohol.

"You okay?" I inquire hesitantly referring to his drunken state.

Sirius drinking was not uncommon, but the last time I saw him this drunk was after he left 12 Grimmauld Place.

"Mhm," He murmurs, not quite meeting my eyes that time and looking back towards the fireplace.

"Yeah... sure. I will pretend I believe you, but that still doesn't explain why you're down here. I assume its not to help pick up after the party," I quip.

He scoffs at the idea and just shakes his head, keeping his mouth shut.

"I am surprised to see you here at all, honestly," I mutter.

"And why might that be, love?"

"Well... because I never see you at parties. You're always... preoccupied. Especially after them," I answer, trying to hide the slight pain in my tone.

I am not sure if the pain was from jealousy or the protectiveness I had over him. Well, maybe I was sure, but I would never admit to which one it was.

"Right. I just didnt feel like it," He shrugs.

"Who are you and what have you done with Sirius?"

"Ha. Ha. Very funny," He said monotonously, clearly not appreciating my antics.

He picks up a cup I had not yet noticed, throws his head back, and takes a big sip all in one swift motion. I assumed it was firewhisky and quickly took it away from him before he could chug the whole thing.

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