Tears and Revival

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I sobbed over her corpse blaming myself for everything that had happened. I was crying so hard I didn't notice when someone walked up behind me. "Inuyasha" a familiar voice said behind me."You let it happen again didn't you, little brother? Why don't you just forget about mortals. They are who corrupted our kind to begin with! These worthless mortals turned our kind into spineless weaklings and yet, you've still seemed to fall in love with two." "Leave me alone Sesshomaru. I haven't the patience nor the time to deal with you today. Leave me alone." I managed to say through my sobs.

" Inuyasha, do you care for this woman so much that you would emerge your soft side and show your weakness to everyone? How pathetic." "I said leave me alone,Sesshomaru. Why don't you just go back to where you came from Sesshomaru and leave me the hell alone!" I said again.

"I asked you a question, little brother. If she means enough to you that you have to show your soft side to everyone over the life of this mortal girl then she must mean a lot to you, doesn't she?" He asked me again. " I would give up my life if I could bring hers back. She meant the world to me and yet, I couldn't save her. She risked her life for mine and still I let her go. I'll never be able to live with myself knowing that." "If she means that much to you, little brother, lay her down and step away." "And how does that show I care?" "Lay her down and step away." he repeated.

I subbornly did what he said. Kagome was laid flat on the ground and I stepped away just enough to where I could run to her if need be.

I saw Sesshomaru's hand move to his sword of healing. The Tensega (sorry about the spelling) I was curious as top what he was doing. He squinted his eyes and cut something above Kagome. Then he simply put his sword away and turned around. "Make a note of this Inuyasha, The girl will wake and you'll both be fine. But remember... you get no more chances." After that, he walked away without another word.

I sprinted over to Kagome. She began to slowly open her eyes. When her eyes were open, she looked at the scene around her. She looked into my eyes and I saw hers beginning to watter. "What happened?" she asked me in a voice that my dog ears almost couldn't hear. I simply gave her a soft smile and told her to go back to sleep.

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