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It was rude of me to call her naive, especially when she was specialized in her field. I knew, but that did nothing to stop me from saying the first thing that came to mind.

What else could I say? From what A.J described, Paege could have gotten badly injured and I would never want to see that happen.

What's it to me anyway? It's not like she was my sister, mother or related to me in any way.

I was torn. Torn between asking myself why I'd come to care for her so quickly, and wanting to deepen our relationship.

I know that had to sound like some kind of crazy person. Considering, she could handle a gun, she could shoot me at anytime.

A few meager weeks ago, Paege first came to the ranch. She was the new stable girl, and she drew attention to her like bees to honey.

Partially because she was a fresh face to the town, but mostly because she was a sight to behold.

On numerous occasions, I'd caught my farmhands flirting with her, or even undressing her with their eyes which served to get me riled up.

As far as I was concerned, that Paege Masters was mine. Ever since we shared that heated moment in the stables.

Any who dared question that would have a rude awakening. It was as though Paege taken the reins of my mid and lured me in. Doubtedly, she would be able to hold her own against me.

Paege could barely perform her daily tasks because of the limitations of wearing a sling. However, that did nothing to deter her from visiting Angel every chance she got.

She would quietly stand at the ringed-fence by day or in his stall by night, simply talking to him. Sometimes, I wondered what she could possibly be saying to a horse.

Lately, I noticed that she had been avoiding me also. Our conversations had been deduced to mere pleasantries and work related matters.

Nothing personal, and it irked me that I couldn't get anything out of her other than a Yes, a No, a Hi, a Bye, Good Morning, Evening or Night.

Paege had no problem talking to Bell. In fact, the two had become inseparable. Wherever Bell went outside of the Ranch, you could find Paege and vice versa.

They quickly became the best of friends. Come to think of it, they were more like sisters. Bell was the rebel, while Paege took on a more reserved role.

My sister and Paege would be having a word, often bursting into laughter. If I were to interrupt the two, humor would suddenly die and it would be incredibly awkward.

Sometimes, I just shrugged it off. Other times, I found myself in a foul mood. Jealousy was not one of my better suits. I rarely, if ever, got emotional. However, lately, the tide had turned and it occurred more often than, I would like.

The way my farmhands behaved around Paege was another story entirely. I found it infuriating the way they looked at her, even talked to her.

I might be pissed but the only one to blame in this scenario was myself. I had effectively made her feel less than and undesired.

It was partially because she was so refreshing ... so innocent and so darn appealing, to say the least.

They found her attractive. I knew they did. What man wouldn't? She was quite a beauty, rare and unlike any woman I'd ever met.

She was smart and sophisticated, an impressive combination if I do say so myself. She was also very witty, and knew her place in the world. That in and of itself I found very sexy.

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