"Are you afraid, brother?"

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I kneeled down on one knee, my back facing Zuko. My ruby eyes stared at the ground and the tsungi horn sounded and I stood, turning towards Zuko, narrowing my eyes. "Sozia? You're only eleven!" "My age does not define my skill." I threw off my white cloak and got into a stance "Are you ready?" he nodded and got into  simple stance. I laughed as the horn souded again. I brought my hands into fists, bending my right arm so my fist was at my ear, my left fist extended in frount of me. Bending my left knee foward and keeping my right foot slightly at and angle, blue fire flew from my left fist, making a wall of fire at Zuko he jumped out of the way and the blue wall recided. "Are you afraid, brother?" I yelled out and laughed. After throwing blue fire at him for awhile, I stopped. I stood in a warrior position and pointing my pointer and middle finger to the sky. "Sozia, stop!" I heard uncle Iroh yell. The sky darkened and electricity cracked in the air I felt a rush go through me and I pointed my fingers at Zuko, the energy leaving the tips of my fingers as bright lightning flashed to Zuko. He jumped out of way n time for the lightning to destory the building behind him. "Sozia! Please stop!" zuko cried out "You are weak! You will learn respect, and suffering will be your teacher!" I stood over him rasing my fist, and punching it down, fire erupted onto his face and burned him eye. The arena was silent and I walked away. "You will not return to the fire nation until you have captured the Avatar, to restore your honor." I walked all the way out of the arena, where my father was waiting for me. "I'm so proud of you, my little Seraph." 

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