I'll have two lattes and your number please

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My music pumped through my ears as I walked down Main Street towards the Starbucks on the corner. I glanced down at my phone to check my texts. I opened my chat with my best friend Sara as it said I had an unread text from her.
Sara: Lauren, mind picking me up a Eggnog Latte from Starbucks?
I texted her back immediately.
Lauren: No prob ;)
I clicked off my phone and continued to walk towards the café. When I arrived I pushed the door open and as soon as it opened, the smell of the place brightened my day.
I approached the counter, and as soon as I did I realized the barista behind it was not the usual one. Instead, stood a tall boy with vibrant red hair and an eyebrow piercing. I quickly averted my eyes to ensure I wasn't staring at this masterpiece of a human.
"Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get for you?" The boy asked. He had an accent, but what was it? Australian.
"I'll have a tall Eggnog latte and a tall Gingerbread latte please" I smiled at the boy behind the counter.
"Coming right up." He said, "And what will be the names?" He asked.
"Lauren and Sara, Lauren for the Gingerbread and Sara for the Eggnog." I said as I rummaged through my bag to find the money to pay. I walked towards the waiting area and sat on a chair, and texted Sara.
Lauren: OMG there is THE CUTEST new barista down at Starbucks on Main Street
She replied instantly.
Sara: NO WAY. How cute are we talking? On a scale from potato to sex god
Lauren: SEX GOD
My speed texting was interrupted by the new barista calling my name to get my drink. I grabbed the two cups. I was about to exit when I noticed a scribbled message on my cup. It read, "here's my number, my name's Mikey but you can call me anytime ;)" I turned around to see him flashing me a flirty grin as I pushed the door and walked away.
SOO this is the first chapter :D I hope you enjoyed it!
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