fourth hour

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fourth hour |

The fourth hour on the plane was one of Jake's favorites. In this hour, he started to appreciate being Riley's temporary friend. They talked a lot, and the conversations were starting to get more deep and personal.

"You know," Riley said, her book long gone and headphones dangling around her neck, "I like meeting new people. But the thing I really like is just observing them, as creepy as that sounds."

Jake gave her a confused look, "What do you mean?"

"Just by observing them, you can create their story. Pretend that you know everything about them... when really you don't."

"Well, what's your story?" he asked slyly, "Given you will tell me it."

"There's not much to say. I was born in Washington but my parents split up, so I moved to New Jersey with my dad for several years," she started off, animatedly using her hands as she talked, "I then got accepted into WSU. So I live with my mom during the year, and visit my dad during breaks."

"Isn't it hard? Going back and forth?"

Riley shrugged, "At first, yeah. But as the years went by, I got used to it. I kinda grew fond of traveling on a plane."

"Absolutely insane," muttered Jake, and Riley laughed.

"So, what about you? Any sob stories to share?"

"Uh, life was always a hard obstacle for me to overcome. I mean, it started off okay. Somewhere along the way, my parents stopped talking, yet they still stayed together," Jake let out a laugh of disbelief, living his memories once again. "It was nice and all when they still stayed together, but I knew they were unhappy. It was forced and uncomfortable, and that made me unhappy."

"That sucks," he was grateful for Riley. Not pitying him, but stating simply how sucky his situation became. Riley had her own things to deal with. Hell, a billion other people lived worse lives than him. Still, she made him feel like his life wasn't a sob story. That was all he asked for.

"I became depressed. Not in the I-want-to-die kind of way, but the I-don't-feel-motivated-anymore feeling. I didn't know what to do with my life. Time felt slowed down. Once I was able to grab the next opportunity of breaking free, I left. I'm not even going to New York to see my parents, but my aunt and uncle."

"You should still see them, considering they're your parents and all."

"I-- yeah," Jake mumbled, "I think I will."

"I'm glad," Riley said, fingers briefly fluttering on his shoulder before leaving just as fast, "Even though your relationship isn't the best right now, there's still time to savage the remaining pieces."

Jake thought about that for a while. It was true that he loved him with all his heart. And if something were to happen, he didn't want their relationship to be left off on a bad note.

"Thanks, really." Riley nodded, "I'm going to call them once we land."

Throughout the rest of the fifth hour, they were laughing and chatting a lot. If anyone passed by them, they would think Riley and Jake were two best friends going home together. And as the final hour was approaching them, Jake could wish that was true.

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