A Toast To A Beginning

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Just as Russia was about to pull the handle, he looked back at Germany.

"He's engaged?" Russia asked walking to Germany's stall. Germany nodded and pulled out an engagement ring from his chest pocket.

"And no one even knows about it?" Russia asked. "UK, France, USSR, America's siblings. They know. It's just kept from public until it's actually the wedding day," Germany answered and placed the ring back to his pocket. "Why?"

Germany looked up at Russia. It was obvious why. They were part of a murderous organization, of course their loved ones would be targeted by others. That was a stupid question.

"Right, nevermind. But doesn't seem like you two had fun since.." Russia trailed off eyeing Germany up and down. "It's not a choice. My father ran away, I'm in contract to marry America," Germany sighed sadly, "I just have to learn to accept it. He's not as bad half of the time."

"Seriously? If I were you, I'd punch the pig straight up the jaw and break the deal," Russia suggested. "I'm not allowed to learn any knowledge of fighting or gunfire. Even for self defense," Germany stated. "You're part of one of the world's strongest mafia now and you don't even know how to fight?" Russia mocked. "I know right?" Germany laughed.

"What are you even doing here? Shouldn't you be out there with him then? Or at least outside?" Russia asked nodding at the door. "America told me to wait here until he comes back," Germany replied. "You're such a kid! Come on, hanging around in the bathrooms are for making out," Russia said as he pulled Germany out of the stall and out of the bathroom.

"You could just wait in the hall. What's the harm?" Russia said. Germany pointed at his black eye. "No one would care about that, the only people who would ever come here are either drunk or horny," Russia reassured. "Will you stay here with me?" Germany asked.

Russia thought a while before shrugging. He leaned his back to the wall and crouched down, "I'm not into parties anyways." Germany slowly sat down beside Russia, his legs crossed. "You said your glasses broke. What happened to it?" Russia asked. "It was around yesterday and America was a bit mad after a meeting. I tried to calm him down but he accidentally slapped me," Germany answered.

"So you can't see a thing?" Russia asked waving a hand in front of Germany. Germany laughed and pushed Russia's hand away. "I can. Well, barely. It's just really blurry colors. I can see your hand like a blur of red waving. I can't really see your face or any other body detail unless the color are far apart. I can't see the stain on your suit," Germany explained.

"Actually... I never got your name," Germany stated. "Ah, right. Russia, Russia Federation. Second of 16 kids," Russia said. "I've heard about you, America really doesn't like either of you. I'm Germany, Germany The Fourth," Germany introduced. "The Fourth? Seriously? You a prince or something?" Russia laughed. "It's how my dad named me," Germany giggled.

"Your father... Third...? Reich The Third, right? You said he ran away?" Russia asked. "It's what I was told. I've lost contact with him. All I have is America and his family now," Germany said. Russia nodded and resisted his urge.

He knew Third didn't run away. He knew Third shot himself in denial of defeat. But for now, hiding the truth was for the best. He didn't want Germany to panic and cry over a coldblooded, dead man. He was already dealing with America.

"Why don't you at least stand up for yourself? Why let him mistreat you? His family in it too?" Russia asked. Germany shook his head, "No, no one's suppose to know about it. And I owe America my life. He and his family took me in instead of killing me. They were there when I had nobody." "He probably doesn't love you," Russia complained.

"Maybe, but if not he wouldn't even have thought about the engagement thing at all. He could be kissing someone else behind my back. But... I'm very certain he hasn't. He'd only do it to me. He'd always be so satisfied with me instead of any other people flirting with him. He's... loyal? But he just doesn't know how to treat love...? So I'm learning to do that for us both," Germany explained.

"Sounds unhealthy. But what would a guy that drinks a lot know about being healthy?" Russia laughed. Germany laughed along. "I love beer," Germany said. Russia looked at Germany, "Vodka." "Tough guy, aren't you?" Germany joked. "Wait til you get some new pair of visions and you'll see," Russia chuckled.

"How often do you drink?" Russia asked. "Oh, not really allowed to drink until America permits me. So not that often," Germany answered. "Shame, it'd be nice to have a drink with you," Russia sighed.

Russia heard footsteps at the far left of the hallway. A waiter was on his way to the room with a fresh tray of wine. Russia stood and took two glass of wine. He sat back beside Germany and gave him a glass.

"Just one glass. Doubt you'd get any where near tipsy with that," Russia said. Germany giggled as he accepted the glass. "A toast to a beginning," Russia said as he raised his glass. "I'll toast to that," Germany replied and clinked his glass to Russia's. They both chugged the wine down and placed it on the floor beside them.

"Thank you for being here, Russia. I don't usually just share a complete stranger about my problems but I guess.... I guess I was reaching my breaking point if it weren't for you," Germany smiled. "No problem, Ger. Talking with you was nice," Russia replied.

Footsteps were heard by Germany's side of the hall. America approached te two steadily. Germany and Russia stood up and faced America.

"Germs, we should go home now," America said and wrapped an arm around Germany's shoulders. Germany nodded and smiled at America. "Cya, Russia," America said before turning around and walking away from Russia. Germany glanced back at Russia and snuck a little wave at him. Russia waved back and then left the opposite direction.

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