i'm out of my head when you're not around

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i'm watching scooby doo 2 bc i have been dying to watch it for the past week and hbo max has both of them so i'm very happy. also linda cartellini and matthew lillard are the main reasons i'm not fully straight or gay. and i'm now realizing how much i rely on auditory stuff bc every single sound in this movie is burned into my brain like a song. i can hear the movie before it happens like cool.

so i started reading my textbook bc homework and i found out that my mbti type changed since the last time i took it (which was like 5 years ago so it makes sense) and i'm no longer an intj but an entp and i'm an auditory learner which makes a lot of sense bc i remember things that i've heard. for example, in 8th grade, for my history final, i had to figure out what a tariff was. i honest to gosh didn't know what that was but i remember always hearing the teacher on ferris bueller saying "the tariff bill" so i was like "DUDE, ITS TAXES" good stuff my man. that's also why epic fab battles of history helped me with some stuff for history too.

so like remember that time i accidentally joined alice in wonderland? well when i get older man if i decide to do that again i'm doing it edible bc we don't believe in burning our lungs or esophaguses :)

oh and i'm starting avatar and your lie in april. istg if i'm not well cultured by the end of this quarantine idk if i ever will be. on black butler, my fav character is definitely grell. like she is hilarious and a constant mood, and i love her so much (also the fact that she is canonically trans is beautiful) mey rain is one of my favs too, i used to just like her bc relatable but then she turn badass and i go even gayer. then will is fhdksla I SCREAMED EVERY TIME HE SHOWED UP. and pluto is baby, cannot convince me otherwise.

y'all hear that the green and brown m&m's are lesbians?? beautiful. she ra's representation? astronomical. me finally being able to finish Steven universe without s6? frustratingly relieving. me realizing that scooby doo singlehandedly made me the gay i am today? legendary.

that's it ig bc i have to do stupid stuff for hs then fun stuff for college :) love you buh bye!


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