Chapter 5 - I feel like missing you

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Chapter 5 - I feel like missing you

Making her steps on the sport big class,her soul was feeling so sad.She called at the school she used to teach to make a visit in here,hoping that she will find more answers for her questions. was on a thsursday afternoon when she was talking with some students that asked her about the very near test they had to give and in that class it was her class,the one in which Jaewon wad part of it,were making their excercices.Jaewon was smiling like crazy,something normal for him.He was sweating and when he saw her few meters away,he stoped runing and waved at her so sweetly with a huge smile on his face.She felt very embarraced because already people were talking and rumours started to spead away through high school and she hated it .

The most horrible part was that indeed she started to love him,even if he was her student,even if it wasn;t at all allowed.

His footsteps were here some year ago.

 - I'm so sorry but i think that i like you a lot,Yara.And the horrible part is that i like you as a woman.Would you allow me to love you?he said once after classes.

The students started to look with cold looks at her after the rumour that she was seducing one of the male students of her,were streading in the school.That was horrible,because she wasn;'t seducinf anyone.

Her soul was shaked,not only because of the rumour,it was shaked and scared because Francis was looking for her since the day she run away and there was just a matter of time to find her.Yara felt that the time to face him will come very soon.And if it wasn't all of these enough,she started to wonder what was the weird feeling she felt for this student of her that was trying ot be closer to her,for Jaewon.

It was a feeling warm and full of sadness in the same time.She felt somehow relaxed when she was around him.Jaewon was like a part of innocence and cuteness in a world full of hate and coolness.

Once she came in here ,in the music classroom that was empty now and even then.

She received a phonecall from Francis.

 - I found you.And you will pay in big time for what you've done.

Her shaken body brough her here and sat on a chair starting to cry so hard.She wanted so much to get rid of this horrible man,she wanted so much to be free and be able to live her live the way she wanted.She felt scared and furious because she couldn;t protect herself from him.No one really could because he had influence and peole would help and believe him not her.

Suddenly a genlte hand touched her shoulder makiing her to startled and looking to see who was it.She thought that the classroom was empty.She found Jaewon looking at her with a very deep look and serios expresion at her.

Embaracing ,cause now her student saw his teacher in this deplorable state.

 - Don't cry!.Please.Don;t.

Than he huged her and kissed her fourhead.

No one would have never been there for her to give her a hug when she so need it.This was the first time.

When he asked what was wrong she first thought not to tell because she didn;t wanted ot bother other people with her problems but her soul felt too full of everything and had to say at least once.

So insteed of shuting up her moulth started to talk.

 - I'm married and i have a horrible husband.He is coming after me.I ran away to come here.

Jaewon;s face didn't losed that serious deep expression that rare she could see at him.

 - Do you love him?it was his question.

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