rickys day

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                 Rickys P.O.V

RINGGGG my alram was going off. I jumped out of bed and got dressed. I put on a California love shirt and some Kakis.

I went down stairs and saw Maria laying there watching spounge Bob


"Omfg u scared the lively shiet out of me"

"Lol sorry bae"

"Its otay"

"So when are we u know gonna..."

"O well I just wanna take u out to Dinner tonight. U've been thru a lot so not tonight unless u wanna."

" o thank the lord. And yay where we gonna go"

" its a secret, just go get dressed but casual."


                 Marias P.O.V

I went upstairs and got dressed. I applied my make up( have mascara, light eyeliner on the bottom and top making a cat eye, concealer, foundations, and blush). I put on a pair of light washed high waised shorts, my falling in reverse muscle tank I got from hot topic, my navy blue vans, and a navy blue bandana to top it off.

I walked downstairs and was greeted by Sam and JC

"Y don't u look nice"

" aww thanks guys"

Just then Ricky came out and motioned me over to door to leave "bye guys"

My and Ricky got in his car and drove off. It felt like a million years had passed until we pulled up to a roller rink.

"Omg I love roller skating"

"Yay I didn't fail."

We both giggled and went inside. I got a pair of roller blades since I skate best with those and we went on the floor.

Ricky kept on falling but he would act like nothing happened.

He looking at me and smiling

"Y u looking at me like that"

"Because ur beautiful"

Before I could say anything he leaned in and kissed me passionately. I felt sparks but o pulled away as soon as I heard a fan scream"Omg ricky is kissing that slutt over there"

I ran of the bathroom. I took the back of my phone of and grabbed he blade I his in there. I took the cold blade and sliced it across my wrists.

"Maria are u on there"

I was silent then someone rolled away. I came out of the stall AMD went up to Ricky.

"Can we go home please."

He looked down at my wrist and I saw a tear stream down his face.

" y Maria please tell me"

I just looked at him with sad cold eyes.I took off my skates and I went to the car.

"Let's just go home"


He got in and we drove home.

When we got home I ran upstairs as fast I could. I locked the door and plopped down on my bed. I took my anixiety pills but they weren't working.


                    Ricky's P.O.V

I couldn't stop thinking boutaroa. I wanted to help her thru her problems. I decided to go to her room to check up on her to see if she was okay. It was locked tho so I just left her alone. I cried myself to sleep .


The next morning I woke up with a random girl in my bed. She was snuggling up to me. I couldn't tell who it was till I saw her face. It was maria.

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