Chapter Fifteen

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Shaking my head, I pulled my map from my bag and squinted at it, trying to find something that could hint at where Spell Comprehension would be.

There! I smiled triumphantly as I saw the square that was meant to represent my next classroom. I straightened up and began walking towards the goal on my map.

I must have been doing something right because I met a crowd of students towards the main entrance, to my relief.

I stopped in front of double doors with a plaque saying, ‘Welcome to the Magical Culture Corridor’ in cursive. Before I could push the doors, a group of friends brushed past me and swung the doors open.

I shrugged and followed them through, before walking up to one of the doors lining the hallway. My timetable had said that my lesson was in Room 3,

Squaring my shoulders, I walked through the open doors behind them, following them until I got to a door labelled Room 3.

Entering the classroom, I hurried to an empty seat. There were a few left, and I picked one near the back; no need to draw attention to myself.

Thank god. I thought to myself, so far so good; first lesson on my own and I haven’t gotten lost!

Suddenly, a  shadow blanketed my desk in darkness and I looked up, expecting to see Simona’s friendly face. She hadn’t told me she had any lessons with me, but I couldn’t help hoping.

A tall, friendly faced boy was grinning down at me, with his arms crossed casually against his chest.

‘Hey, gorgeous,’ he greeted. ‘You’re in my seat.’

I blushed a fiery red, and pulled my bag off the floor quickly, intending to get out of the seat. ‘Oh, sorry… I’ll-’

‘Oh, it’s fine! I just wanted to remind you in case you didn’t know. You can stay there if you’d like!’


‘Great! I’ll just pull up this table here…’ with that, he nudged a boy out of the chair next to me and sat himself in it. ‘So… what’s your name?’

I gaped at him, surprised that the boy who he had pushed out of his chair did nothing to gain his seat back and instead was picking his stuff from the floor.

‘Is he okay?’

‘He’s fine! Absoloutely brilliant…’ he confirmed, looking down at the boy. ‘Aren’t you, Marky boy?’ Mark nodded anxiously, and scurried off to another spare seat, which was, no surprise, on the opposite side of the classroom.

‘So… what’s your name?’ he asked, and I noticed a hint of dimples in his cheek as he did, ‘Mine’s Alfie.’

Alfie… a surprisingly fitting name… ‘Eve Tailor.’

‘Niice! Are you new?’

‘…yeah.’ I confirmed hesitantly, trying to figure him out. He looked like a nice person, but what he did to ‘Marky’ was beyond harsh.

‘Cool. Do you like it here?’

‘Yep, it’s nice.’ After a while, I added, ‘It’s a bit big though.’

‘I know right! You get used to it though.’

I shrugged, ‘I guess, but my old school was tiny, nowhere near as big as this one.’ I admitted.

The classroom door opened and a refined-looking man stepped in, regarding the pupils with an appraising look, before striding in. ‘Hello class, for those of you that are new, I am Mr Fraser. Or Professor Fraser. Whichever you’d prefer. Welcome to your first lesson of Spell Comprehension.’

I wrinkled my nose a little, not a minute into the lesson and I could already tell that Mr Fraser was rather full of himself. 

‘ teaching you how to me moderate, sensible and wise with your magic-’

‘In other words; how to be boring.’ Alfie whispered into my ear, and I choked back a bubble of laughter. That was exactly what I had been thinking.

‘…If you would bring out your mediums.’

My eyes widened. Mediums?

Nervously, I watched Alfie roll back his sleeves and glance at his watch.

No help at all. ‘Erm…’ I licked my lips and tried again, ‘Alfie… What’s a medium?’

He gave me a flat look. ‘Are you kidding me?’

‘No!’ I hissed, aware of the panicky tone in my voice.

He sniggered, ‘Where have you been living for the last one hundred-thousand-billion-trillion years?’

I rolled my eyes  ‘Please?

‘Something – anything – that you can use to hold magic so it doesn’t kill you when you’re doing a spell.’ He explained incredulously. ‘Even I know that!’

Thank you! What are you using?’

‘My watch.’ He said, giving me another odd look.

Watch… I gave him a broad smile as I remembered the watch my aunt bought me. I rolled my sleeve back just to confirm that I had it on, before looking around. I could see people bringing out most things, but the majority of them used watches, or bracelets. Maybe the closer to your skin the medium was the better or stronger the magic.

‘Mediums are important things, they prevent the magic from taking over you whole body. If you let the magic leave your medium and enter your body, there is a chance it may kill you.’

I shuddered, giving my delicately shaped watch a closer look. It didn’t look strong enough to hold anything, let alone something strong enough to kill me.

‘Of course, most of you will know that the closer to you the medium is, the better, also it has to be appropriately sized; too big, and you’re inviting too much magic –which can have terrible consequences –, too small, and it can limit the strength of your spell. So choose wisely. Mediums away.’

I sighed disappointedly as I tucked my watch away. I had been hoping to do a spell for once.

 ‘Well, this is only a fifteen minute lesson, so would you like to pack up as the bell is going to ring any minute now.’

I sighed thankfully, remembering that the first five minutes was spent waiting for Mr Fraser to arrive.

After his announcement, I picked up my bag, hoisted it onto my shoulder, and stood up, tucking my chair into the desk neatly.

‘Do you want to go do something with me after this?’ Alfie asked.

I narrowed my eyes at him, ‘Why?’

‘Oh! I’m sorry, have you got something better to do?’ he asked, smirking at me.

I blushed, but continued, ‘Maybe.’ In truth, I doubted it, but if I was going to admit that to Mr I’m-So-Up-Myself-I-Can-See-My-Eyeballs then I may as well be telling him I was Loner. And I may have only met him fifteen minutes ago, but I can already tell that he’s the kind of person that won’t let that go.

‘Okay. Sure. Well, let’s just say that you’re other engagement got cancelled shall we?’ he said giving me an indulging smile.

I rolled my eyes. ‘What makes you think I’d still go with you anyway?’ I questioned lightly.

He gave me a wide smile, ‘Because you looove me!’

I bit my lip; Ember told me she’d see me at break, but that may have been just a casual, ‘bye!’ thing, not necessarily ‘Come meet me at break’…

‘Okay.’ I agreed finally. ‘But not because of your reason.’ I added. I didn’t realise how immature it sounded until I said it.

Yayy! :D Progress! I'm curious; how many people want to hear about all the lessons and how many people want the story to just hurry up already and get to the good parts? 

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