Chapter Five:Pranking the Pranksters

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A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my very first reader and best friend jazz308


I sit with several pieces of papers scattered across the room,a pen in my hand.El enters the room and takes in the view.

"What is this mess?"He asks."I am collecting numbers from the directory because i don't want you to do it always." i say and he laughs.I glare at him and he takes it as his cue to shut up. "Actually you don't have to work so hard sis.I can do this in minutes."He says.I sigh laying down on the floor between the mess of papers.

We try calling a new number this time.As the line gets connected i speak up"Is this Mr.Williams?" I say ."No it's his son Ben.You can leave the message with me." Ben replied politely."I-actually... OMG that's a lot of blood..."I scream."Wha-"I don't let him finish when i start speaking"D-DId you kill him?"I gasp out loud.Ben starts panicking and yells in the phone."Holy shit! I will call the police and inform them, they will trace your call and reach at the crime scene." Ben says frantically.

El and mine blood runs cold."NO! Don't ! We were messing with you ! Nothing happened.It was a prank call"I shout in the phone.After around a hell long minute,Ben replies."I was messing too. I knew you were prank calling.You called my friend last week"He laughs.

"Oh" is all i can manage to say."Yeah,Have a good day.Bye."He hangs up and i and El look at each other realising that the pranksters have been pranked.


I wake up to a lovely smell.. of food.

I take a quick shower and hurry downstairs. I am wearing a grey sweatshirt and black joggers.As i try to find the source of the smell,i realise that mom and dad aren't home.So,who could it be?

A burglar? A serial killer? Or worse..El is trying to cook.Even though he is 16,he is deprived of cooking skills and blessed with the ability to make a mess.

Just to be sure that it isn't the former,i pick a baseball bat and walk carefully towards the smell making sure that i don't make a noise. As i peep into the kitchen there stands a guy cooking and humming to himself. Without a second thought i plunge onto him.He turns around just in time to reveal..Parker? "Nevaeh!" He shrieks at the same time i say "Parker!"We both laugh and i hug him.

"Is it a sort of morning routine to hit anyone with a baseball bat?" He jokes amusement evident in his voice.

"No-I-I thought someone broke into the house. " I admit.

"And started cooking?" He laughs.Before he went to university,we would occasionally cook together.

"I don't know.Wait when did you return?" I ask referring to his university.

"Yesterday." He states. El enters the kitchen and gives me a amused look."Wait..You attacked Parker didn't you? I knew you would do such a thing.I warned him the moment i let him in."

I quickly place the bat away and Parker shakes his head.I finish eating the pancakes and put on my Jordans to rush to Lou's car.

I enter Oakwood High and groan realising i have the two most awful classes - Maths and Information technology. None of my friends are in these classes and to top up on that Trisha is there making bitchy remarks and rude comments on everyone especially me.

I drag myself to class and take up the far corner seat against the window.Soon enough the class is filled and a girl haven't seen before takes a seat beside me."Hey." She says so quietly that i barely hear. "Hey!I am Nevaeh" I smile at her.She is a beautiful girl with blonde hair tied in a low ponytail and light brown eyes hidden behind her glasses. "I am Addie."She says with a small smile.

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