the notes

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woah if youre here that means you finished the book!

congrats you get a cookie 🍪

in all seriousness, thank you for reading this.. it means a lot to me. im not that confident in writing so there is definitely a lot of things i still need to improve on.

i saw this on another book (i forgot which one 😔) that talked about the making of the story so i decided to add my fun little facts here too!

- this was originally going to be a little oneshot that i randomly thought of one day. i realized that it lacked detail so i just decided to make it into a short story

-when bokuto left to buy the necklace, i originally planned it for oikawa to be the one texting. i then realized it didn't make much sense with the cities and stuff so it was changed to konoha because i love him.

-in the original outline, y/n was going to be the one to confess first but it changed due to how i rewrote some parts. the dialogue was practically the same though.

-also in the original outline, i didnt even include any backstory. it really just started off with y/n confessing to bokuboku

-tying in with the prologue, i was gonna have the third years + akaashi pop in and out of tbe story at times making comments or having to stop because class started or they had practice but i felt like it kinda ruined the feel of the story so i cut them out.

uhhh thats all i can think of for now but now thanks for reading this! i just write for fun so maybe i'll release more work in the future.

thank you once again ! youre amazimg ❤️

-lynn <333

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