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*unedited* lmao it's too early for me to be editing stuff sooooo————————————

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*unedited* lmao it's too early for me to be editing stuff sooooo

"F-Fuck, Mara."

"Hoseok, stop moving. I'm so close," Mara panted.

"Never in my entire life did I think a game of twister would be so sexual." Namjoon signed and watch as the couple and his parents tangle their legs, arms and bodies in severely uncomfortable positions. They were playing twister in the game room seeing that the weather wasn't on their side today. There was a major chance of snow today so it was better to stay inside.

"You're only making it sexual by thinking it's sexual." Hoseok grunted and huffed as Mara places her leg under his arm. Namjoon sighed, "Whatever you say man. Dad it's your turn." Namjoon could say it was kind of awkward but then again it didn't feel like it with Mara and Paula here. They weren't a part of the family but they seem to change the atmosphere in the room. Paula and Namjoon were sitting down in the massage chairs.

Namjoon spun the wheel and said, "Left leg green." His father's face looked around and saw the only green spot left was right in front of his mother, with his ass in front of Hoseok's face. "Could someone please lose already." His mother huffed while their father laughed and moved his leg.

"Please don't fart, please don't fart, please don't fart." Hoseok chanted.

"I'll do it for you!" Mara shouted out.

"Yamara Elizabeth Lockwood, don't you dare fart in front of these people." Paula said and Namjoon couldn't help but laugh. Mara pouted, "That's not even on my birth certificate, mother. Don't be—wait a minute." She sniffed the air around her before coughing and ultimately falling. Once she fell, Hoseok and his father was fell right after.

"I think one of you need to go check your pants." Preferably in the bathroom." She coughed and slowly crawled away over to a 'safe' spot.

"Nah, it's just the beans and onions I had before this." Hoseok looked at his mother in disgust while his father couldn't hold in his laughter. "Oh by the way. I won!" She jumped around happily and started doing her happy dance. Soon his father joined right in with her doing the sprinkler.

"I will say this and say this with upmost love and affection, I don't own rights to these people. I am an adopted child." Hoseok crawled over to Mara who was laughing so hard that she snorted. Not once, but twice.

While Hoseok was grimacing, the door bell rang and Paula got up to answer it as she headed upstairs.


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